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ID Title Image Description
#66 Pokemon Champion This user reigns supreme as the current Pokemon Champion who has traversed TheColorless region, conquered its gyms, and defeated its Elite 4 to become a true Pokemon Master!
#67 Chorus Enthusiast This user has lent their voice and/or put their skills to good use in completing a CL Chorus Project!
#68 What a Nerd! This user wears his nerdiness like a Jedi wears his lightsaber or a Ringwraith his cloak.
#69 Strategist This user participated in CL's Chess Club and displayed their tactical abilities on the board in a battle of strategy and poise!
#70 Grandmaster This user rose through the ranks during a Chess tournament and defeated all that sat before them. Their skills are unparalleled!
#71 Mountain Dew Badge This user is a 360 no scope master. Get Rekt