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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Nobody is able to use a site perfectly without some help, including the nerdiest of computer guys. Because of this simple fact, we have created this FAQ to help you get yourself up and running on the site. Be sure to check here for any questions you might have, before you make a thread or ask in chat about it!

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  • Is this site Internet Explorer compatible?

    While most of the features in the site are accessible and display correctly in Internet Explorer 9 and up, users will almost certainly have better results with Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.

  • How do I set my display picture/avatar?

    It is really quite simple!

    To get it working:

    1. Sign up for a Gravatar.
    2. On your settings page, add in an email address, the same one with you signed up for your Gravatar account.
    3. Look for a confirmation email. It might have been caught by your spam filter, so check in your Spam and Trash folders. The email will have come from herald@herald.thecolorless.net
    4. Click the confirmation link in the email, which will bring you back to the site.
    5. ????
    6. Profit! Gravatar!
    7. Also, please check here, for a more in-depth FAQ: Usagii's FAQ

  • What are "Likes" and "Helpful Posts"?

    Hey, you're an observant one! Liked threads are used for thread sorting, so the best-of-the-best can be at the top, and the terrible things can be at the bottom. It, along with the "Helpful Posts", also adds to a user's "reputation", a number that helps you decide how reputable a person may be. This number will also be used for badges down the road, for those with certainly high reputations.

  • What if I want a normal forum, one sorted by the most recently bumped thread?

    At the top of the front page, you can change thread sorting methods between "Popular", "Newest Bumped" (the old style), and "Newest Thread". There may be more, down the road.

  • How do I style my text?

    @Trev did a fantastic job of explaining this in his thread.

  • Hey, I have more questions you didn't answer!

    Get into contact with Warlock, or hello@thecolorless.net, and he or a member of the moderation staff will help you sort it out. If your question pops up enough, it might even end up on here! See below if you're wondering what our current staff looks like!

  • Who are the staff on CL?

    Admins: Warlock, --Jack--

    For a full list of all Staff members, please refer to the Staff page!