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Privacy Policy

  • We take your privacy seriously, and thus do not disclose any of your information to any third-parties, unless it is needed by the authorities due suspicion to of a crime. Your information will never be sold to any third-parties.

    We eat spam with ketchup, but, even so, we don't want too much of it in our mailboxes, either.

  • Information that we store

    • User-provided information

      Everything that you input into the site yourself, such as your profile details, posts, likes, et cetera. Chat messages are not stored.

    • Cookies

      Cookies are small files in your browser's memory that can store site-related information. They are sent to our servers and checked. They can be removed, but they are needed for signing-in.

    • Automatically collected information

      Your IP address, browser type, screen resolution and Operating System type may be collected when you visit the pages of this site, and certainly when you post on it.

  • Information that becomes public

    • User-provided information

      Public profile information, posts, public chat messages, likes, are visible to the public.

      Warning: Please be careful with what information you make public, yourself.

  • Information that is disclosed

    • Nothing personally identifiable, unless there is a suspicion of a real crime and data is needed for an investigation

    • Aggregated data can be used to determine an audience profile and statistics. Note: That means the information used for it is not connected to any identities, and is used as statistical numbers.

  • Third-Parties

    While we do not sell your information to their parties, we do use analytics and advertisement services which automatically collect information of their own. For more information on them, you should read through their own Privacy Policies, as our own does not carry over to their products.