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  • As a member of The Colorless, you agree to abide by all of the following:

  • Respect everyone Respect others within the community. Don't like a user? Ignore em'!
  • User abuse Do not threaten, harass, abuse, stalk, encourage harm to, or bully a user of the site. Treat others how you would like to be treated!
  • User privacy Do not release the private information of another member of the site without their consent. (This includes names, photographs, addresses, credit card information, etc…)
  • Misrepresentation Do not claim to be someone you're not, or take credit for the creations of others.
  • Spamming Do not spam on the site or in chat! Refer to below for what we consider spam.
  • Deleted material Do not repost material deleted by the staff without permission.
  • Staff interference Do not interfere with a staff member's decision, or act like a member of staff when you are not.
  • Criticism Please avoid making threads or posting in chat insulting or criticizing staff, or the site in any way.
  • Site support Please avoid making threads about technical support issues.
  • Multiple accounts Do not use an alternative account to like posts, report posts, or vote in polls multiple times.
  • Advertising Do not advertise other forum or chat based websites, or advertise your own social media site, unless given permission by a site Administrator.
  • File Distribution Do not distribute harmful files to members, or post pirated software or files on the forum.
  • NSFW Do not post any inappropriate nsfw material in threads or in chat, unless using the appropriate nsfw tags! Refer to below for what we consider nsfw material.
  • CL Dictionary

    • Spam

      Repeated messages, unsolicited and irrelevant links and flows of gibberish are considered spam.
    • NSFW

      This is inappropriate material we consider not safe for the work or school environment. This includes, and anything alluding to the following specifics: anything depicting sexual acts, rape, gore, drugs, etc. We do not allow extreme cases of the above even under NSFW content. Site staff may re-evaluate what is NSFW content at any time. If you feel you are reaching the limits of what is NSFW, then you probably are, and a Moderator or Administrator will kindly inform you.
  • Ban Appeals

  • If you feel you have been unjustly banned, please let us know, and we'll review your case. Please send your appeal to and include as much information and detail on your case. Please also include why you feel you should be unbanned, or why the ban was unjust.

  • Additional Notes

  • We encourage you to respect your fellow members on The Colorless. Do not act in a way that limits the fun of others, and try to enjoy yourself while remaining inside the boundaries of our rules. Be mindful and considerate of other members, and don’t be a jerk. Also, avoid creating too many multiple accounts. If you have an issue with your username or account, please contact a site Administrator. Users who are seen creating too many will be at risk for deletion of said multiple accounts. Ban evading will also result in a ban on all accounts.

    If you have any issues about a member or the website, please contact a Moderator or Administrator so that we can appropriately handle your problem. Do not make threads about it. They will be removed.

    As noted in the terms of service it is site policy to comply with all law enforcement organizations. As such the proper authorities will be notified if necessary.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through our rules section! If you have any questions or concerns, ask a site Moderator, an Administrator, or email Feel free to also email regarding the site, on improvements, or any suggestions you may have to the site. We'd love to hear from you!