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User Guide

  • Welcome to The Colorless!

  • Thank you for joining our community!

    To make sure your time on CL is going to be an enjoyable one, we have compiled a short guide for new users like you. Please read over it in its entirety, as it will undoubtedly improve your experience of our little community.

  • The Basics

  • Introduce Yourself!

    We have a New User Introduction Thread for new users like yourself. You may (and should) use it to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Tell them who you are, what you enjoy spending your time on, and people will welcome you quickly.

  • The Rules

    Please follow the site rules! You can find them here!
    They're mostly based around common sense, so nothing to worry about.

  • How to get an Avatar / Display Picture

    The Colorless uses a system called "Gravatar" for our users' display pictures. Gravatar is short for "Globally Recognized Avatar". What that means is that it works throughout a wide variety of websites, and you only have to maintain one account to set it up.

    • Go to the Gravatar Website
    • Create an Account with the same email address you used to sign up for CL, or add that email to an existing account.
    • Follow the instructions on Gravatar to upload a picture, and assign it to your CL email.
    • Be patient! It may take a moment for your Gravatar to show up.

    For a more elaborate, visual guide, please visit this thread

  • Explore the Profile Settings!

    You should take a look at the Settings, located in the top-right corner of the page. Here you can edit your profile text and appearance, as well as your default chat color. You may also change your email address or password and notification settings.

  • Markdown

    CL's forum uses a text formatting language called "Markdown". It is similar to BBCode or HTML formatting, but simpler. For a little guide to Markdown, please click here

    • Use **Text** for Bold text.
    • Use *Text* for Italics text.
    • Use ***Text*** for Bold Italics.
    • Use [Text](URL) for Links.
    • Use ![image link] to post pictures. Usually, posting the link is enough.
    • Use !!![Text] for Spoilers.

  • Contact the Staff

    Don't hesitate to contact CL's moderators if you are experiencing issues, whether they be of technical nature, or problems with users.
    For a full list of current staff members, refer to the Staff page

  • Tips

  • Chat Tips

    The most active part of The Colorless is undoubtedly the Chat. It was originally based on the chat used in the anime Durarara!!, and one of our main attractions.
    Here are some tips for your chat experience

    • Please try and use proper spelling and grammar! Mistakes are fine, but please try to make an effort when communicating with other users.

    • Mentioning a user's full name on chat will notify them with a sound. This sound can be turned off via the top navigation. Please don't use "pings" to annoy users on purpose!

    • It is possible to post Not Safe for Work (short NSFW) messages. To be able to view them, you need to enable this feature in your Profile Settings (top left).
      To post NSFW messages, type "/nsfw" at the start of your chat posts.

    • Similarly, you may post emotes with the prefix "/me".

    • Respect the Rangers! If they give you advice or tell you that certain behaviors are not tolerated, listen to them. They are keeping an eye on chat's health and handpicked by staff.

  • Forum Tips

    • As mentioned earlier, CL's forum uses Markdown to format posts.

    • If you want to mention a user, type @User in your post. They will then receive an on-site notification about it, and possibly an email, if enabled in their settings.

    • To reply to a specific post, you may click the creation date above the post in question. It will direct you to a separate page for the post, on which you may reply with a sub-post, which will also be visible on the thread.

    • Please use the Sidebar Search before posting a new thread. Your topic may already exist. If possible, post on existing threads, unless you want to take a different spin at the topic, or you think you can do better. Good threads usually get around the duplicate rule.

    • Please add suitable tags to your new thread! This helps users to navigate the forum more effectively.

    • There are some Not Safe for Work (short NSFW) threads. To be able to view them, you need to enable this feature in your Profile Settings (top left).
      Please follow the rules in NSFW threads as well!

  • Additional notes

  • When in doubt, ask. If you think something may be rule breaking, do not do it. Instead, speak with a moderator and clear things up before posting. We don't bite!

    Anything not expressly forbidden in these rules yet still found to be misconduct by the staff will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis. Note that the terms of service reserve us a right to ban a user at any time, for any reason.

    All rules are as interpreted by the moderation staff. Evidently unintentional rule violations may result in a warning before revocation of privileges. If you feel that you were wrongfully punished by the staff, you may appeal your ban by sending an email to

    Anything relating to suggestions, criticism, or bashing can be freely sent to as well. Posting it to the forums will result in a speedy deletion.

    As noted in the terms of service it is site policy to comply with all law enforcement organizations.