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CL's Top Anime Couple! [WINNER ANONUNCED!]

  1. #1024502016-05-12 16:30:58 *Lieutenant said:

    Round 2 Group 6

    Miyazawa Yukino & Arima Soichiro - Kare Kano (3 votes)


    Sawako & Kazehaya - Kimi ni Todoke (3 votes)


    Yoshida Haru & Mizutani Shizuku - Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (4 votes)

    Because of odd number of couples in this round, it's a match between 3 couples. Only one can win! As usual, post only one vote.

    Winner: Yoshida Haru & Mizutani Shizuku - Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun with 4 votes!

    --Voting closed--

  2. #1025042016-05-13 09:49:53Kirn said:

    Kare Kano, obviously. First of all, I don't even know those other couples, and second of all, Kare Kano pretty much defines romance anime as it is. So yeah, easy choice here.

  3. #1025052016-05-13 10:23:05Enami said:

    That was not an easy decision because all these couples's relationships aren't all that different compared to other rounds, but gonna go with Yoshida Haru & Mizutani Shizuku!

  4. #1025652016-05-14 15:56:14Rinneko said:

    Haru and Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.

    In comparison to the Kimi ni Todoke pair, these two had a lot more character individually. Shizuku was unusually studious and straight-laced while Haru was unusually uncultured but intelligent. Falling in love did little to change their personalities but instead, enhanced the other's inherent advantages. I concede that Sawako was awkward but personally, I couldn't sympathise with her shy persona. Kazehaya was your typical perfect classmate. I haven't watched Kare Kano, and I might be missing out on that pair, but that's for another time.

  5. #1026422016-05-17 02:43:53Lieutenant said:

    Round 2 matches just ended gloriously!

    What do you know, we're so close to the finals now, making things harder for you to choose a couple and vote for them. Stay tuned for Round 3!

  6. #1027542016-05-20 10:21:29 *Lieutenant said:

    Back with round 3, have fun voting, guys!

    Round 3 Group 1

    Sig Curtis & Izumi Curtis - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (9 votes)


    Yoshida Haru & Mizutani Shizuku - Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (8 votes)

    Winner: Sig Curtis & Izumi Curtis - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood with 9 votes!

    --Voting closed--

  7. #1027572016-05-20 11:07:17Enami said:

    Omg why do you do this to us? hard choices, uhh guess I'll go with the couple I nominated; Haru and Shizuku uwu

  8. #1028742016-05-23 13:59:09 *Lieutenant said:

    Round 3 Group 2

    Kiritsugu & Irisviel - Fate/Zero (2 votes)


    Isaac & Miria - Baccano (9 votes)

    Winner: Isaac & Miria - Baccano with 9 votes!

    --Voting closed--

  9. #1028912016-05-23 15:51:21Kirn said:

    You know, Fate/Zero is a more deep relationship... more complex... more mature.

    So yeah, I vote Isaac/Miria, because goddamn, they are just adorable together.

  10. #1029242016-05-25 00:58:13Kinnear said:

    Welp, not going to change the results since it's 8 to 1 in their favor, but I'm still voting for Isaac and Miria. xP

  11. #1029732016-05-26 02:47:44 *Kirn said:

    Round 3 Group 3

    Ryuuji & Taiga - Toradora (6 votes)


    Megumi Noda & Shinichi Chiaki - Nodame Cantabile (4 votes)

    Winner: Ryuuji & Taiga - Toradora with 6 votes!

    --Voting closed--

  12. #1029742016-05-26 02:50:38Yugure said:

    No...NO. NO!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!


    ...Megumi Noda & Shinichi Chiaki - Nodame Cantabile

  13. #1029782016-05-26 03:37:06Rinneko said:

    Ouch, this match-up makes for a painful decision. Ryuuji and Taiga from Toradora, though. They were my childhood.

  14. #1030922016-05-30 16:03:39Lieutenant said:

    It's already the end of Round 3!

    And guess what? Next round will already be the final round, and it's your job to decide who'll win this game )

    Stay tuned!

    Sorry for the delay though!

  15. #1031032016-05-31 03:09:34 *Kirn said:

    Final Round!

    Sig Curtis & Izumi Curtis - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (10 votes)


    Ryuuji & Taiga - Toradora (9 votes)


    Isaac & Miria - Baccano (11 votes)

    Voting rules! Because this is a final round, we have 3 couples in it, and we should be able to clearly define 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, voting is slightly changed. When you vote, you can cast up to 2 votes. You can vote for 1 of the couples, or you can vote for 2 out of 3. 2 votes are preferable. I will break any ties that might appear at the end of the voting time.

    So, this is the very final round of this contest, so cast your votes!

    Winner: Isaac & Miria - Baccano with 11 votes.

    --Voting closed--

  16. #1031142016-05-31 03:44:22 *--Jack-- said:

    When you vote, you can cast up to 2 votes. You can vote for 1 of the couples, or you can vote for 2 out of 3. 2 votes are preferable.

    Sig Curtis & Izumi Curtis and Isaac & Miria

  17. #1031372016-05-31 09:55:03Enami said:

    Thank you for the voting for two couples option >=>; makes things a whole lot easier.

    I vote for Sig & Izumi, and Ryuuji & Taiga.

  18. #1032262016-06-04 05:07:14Kirn said:

    Well, the final round has ended, and let me tell you, I didn't expect it to be such a close battle!

    3rd place goes to Ryuuji & Taiga from Toradora. 9 votes. 2rd place goes to Sig Curtis & Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. 10 votes.

    and finally....

    1st place and complete victory in the tournament goes to the Isaac & Miria from Baccano with 11 votes!!

    Extremely close fight, but all couples were just that good. Thank you all for voting!

  19. #1032272016-06-04 05:12:26 *Lieutenant said:

    And here we dub the winners for this intense couple contest!

    3rd place - Ryuuji & Taiga from Toradora

    This school couple is adored by many for the drama they have towards each other though it never stops them to love each other just to same, fateful encounter they say, and is bested by each other's quality from two different yet powerful spectrum, after all, the predators make the best love.

    2nd place - Sig Curtis & Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    Who wouldn't love a couple that kicks ass?! Though they appear to be very fierce and fearsome to others, they keep the soft side to each other, and it's the sight you'd like to see the most, when they're always there for each other, and it shows no matter how strong you are, the best of you would still need someone you love, to show that someone cares.

    1st place - Isaac & Miria from Baccano

    The all-happy-go-lucky couple that makes living from robbing everything they can. Though jolly, this couple is surrounded by their own optimism and their craziness fits each other all the time. They have the joker's trait of personality but they fit the seats of King and Queen!

    I gotta say, this tournament went better than I expected and each time a voting takes place, it gets pretty intense. But nevertheless, we got over and hopefully you like the result as well since you guys are the one voting and determining their places ) The love these characters portray are very much an example to the people seeking love, if you are that is. There are a lot more other couples that deserves a recognition, but to each their own opinion. Thanks for playing the game and making this happen, I appreciate all the support!


  20. #1032342016-06-04 07:23:40Kinnear said:

    I still can't believe no one nominated Takeo Gouda and Rinko Yamato from Ore Monogatari. xD If only I'd seen it before the competition started.

  21. #1032382016-06-04 08:20:17Rinneko said:

    Personally, I'm both proud and surprised that Toradora made it this far! :) While I know it's a shoujo classic, I didn't know that it was still remembered these days. The FMAB couple is truly loveable and well, I think Baccano! needs no further explanation.