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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1003322016-03-12 15:14:32 *Kirn said:

    Story from older times this time...

    In the Heart of the Sea

    So, this movie is based on the book by the same name. And it tells the story of the whaling ship, that was, apparently, the inspiration for the famous Moby-Dick book. The ship was pretty much sunk by a fucking whale. And here is the interesting thing - story of Moby-Dick pretty much ends with the end of the ship. But this story is different - here the main part is what happens after...

    So, how true? It all happened long time ago, everyone who was there, or who even knew those people - they are long dead. However, there are accounts and testimonies, and I guess that's what the book was based on. Here are few articles. First one is smaller article, and it deals with the main part of the story, is it's true or not. And seems like it is. The second article is by author of the book himself, and it describes the whaling community... it's long, but it's some awesome background.

    Honestly, noone can say how true it is. Key parts - yes. But we must obviously assume that things were dramatized a lot by Hollywood. For example, talk of Herman Melville and old Tom Nickerson is obviously dramatization. However, book itself is based on written story by Nickerson and on account of Owen Chase. So... I would take it as a dramatization, obviously, but it tells a story about something that actually happened, and that was a pretty gruesome event.