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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1004662016-03-15 13:10:48Kirn said:

    And this one is a very recent kick in the nuts.

    The Big Short

    Remember the financial crisis of 2007-2008? I do. My country currency lost half its value during those years, so even though I never really understood what the fuck happened, I sure took notice. Well, this movie is a story about people who actually saw this coming and - this is important part - made a fuckton of money on it.
    Right away here's the link to the usual site about how true it is. Pretty much, this happened pretty recently. So a lot of events you can just get records of, and the article states that characters are believable and some actors were it touch with the real people they were playing. Though, notice that only one character is pictured in the movie under his real name.
    However, this is not a movie about crisis. No, it is, very specifically, a movie about those people. It offers very narrow view to the events, even though it does a very good job of being entertaining.