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  1. One Lemon Can Give You High Voltage Electric Shock

    #1005562016-03-18 14:08:51 *lol0 said:

    One Lemon Can Give You High Voltage Electric Shock

    I love lemons, I use them for so many things, but mostly I put them in my water. In this video, the host from NorthSurvival shows us how to use lemons in a very different way. For his purposes, he demonstrates how to start a fire with just a few items.

    When I watch the video, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever have these items on hand, if I were truly in a survival of the fittest situation. Either way, it’s great information to know, and an oddly satisfying demonstration. The science of it all is cool enough to make you want to stay until the end! Enjoy!

    How To Make A High Voltage Electric Shock From Lemon

    Whether you actually use this tip or not, everyone should know this! It is so simple and resourceful. I don’t know when I’ll necessarily have all the supplies on hand, but, if I were in a situation (where I did have all the items), then I’d know exactly what to do!

    Watch Video Here lol0.com/one-lemon-can-give-you-high-voltage-electric-shock/

  2. #1005582016-03-18 14:13:01Kirn said:


    Seriously, though, your thread belongs to science thread, not as separate one.

    Also, your name is damn stupid.