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  1. 我是咱們的新神, 向我聽令! I AM YOUR NEW GOD!

    #1009382016-04-01 07:53:23 *wu-se said:

    我已經買下這個網站, 所以會有些新規矩.

    1. 首先,所有平凡來者必聽我的話。

    2. 不守規矩的人會被處罰。

    3. 為慶祝我當咱們的新神,我想你們開賣這新設計的衣服!價錢然你們決定。


    I have already purchased this site, so there will be some new rules.

    1. First of all, all plebs on this site must listen to me.

    2. Those who do not obey will be punished.

    3. To celebrate the coming of me, your new God, I have decided to sell some merchandise on this website, starting with this nicely designed T-shirt! I'll let you guys decide how much for the shirt.


  2. #1009422016-04-01 08:50:35 *--Jack-- said:

    Guys WU-SE Intl. even paid me to be an in-house corporate shill! I even get to post in gold! Have fun being exploited! But on the bright side, if you recruit 3 or more friends you could get a stylish pencil-case!

  3. #1009502016-04-01 13:43:37Rinneko said:

    Remember, when in doubt, turn to the Internet mantra: keep calm and carry on.

    We're still working on the administrative details to make this transition as smooth as possible for all.

    不便之處敬請原諒。We regret any inconvenience caused.

  4. #1009592016-04-02 05:39:38 *wu-se said:


    Upgrading works in progress, sorry for any inconvenience caused