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  1. Describe your mood with a story setting.

    #1011082016-04-08 08:26:14--Jack-- said:


    We have a fair share of "post your current -blank-" threads, and I think this might be a more creative outlet alongside things like the "venting" and "what music describes your mood" threads.

    • So, simply describe your mood with a brief setting as though you were in a story. No context, nothing long or over-explained. Just short, sweet, and most-likely metaphorical.

    Examples might be a cat sitting in someone's warm lap, a weathered castle fighting a storm that threatens it's old walls, or a lone wanderer crossing a sun-burnt desert.

  2. #1011132016-04-08 11:28:09EvoRulz said:

    A new sun rises over a forest with warmth but the tree was damaged in the storm and casts a long shadow. The wind breathes it back to life, and it carries on growing, rain drips from it's leaves.

  3. #1011332016-04-09 07:48:57EvoRulz said:

    A weary traveller rests at the local inn and has his swords repaired by the local blacksmith, now ready to set out on a new adventure and continue fighting on, a hero's path awaits.

  4. #1011432016-04-09 12:30:33 *Cloud-VK said:

    Bright overhead lights hum as they lazily illuminate the hall, in the far distance the pools of light on the linoleum floor fade, filling the hall with darkness. There are no doors or windows, but the walls are like the walls of a hospital, white and dull. Simple abstract and landscape paintings of the beach are spread systematically down the hall to bring some life to the atmosphere.

  5. #1011892016-04-10 07:00:44WhtRbbt said:

    Small dots of filtered light shines onto fertile soil through thick foliage. Although the sun is shining, droplets of rain make their way sliding on leaves and bark to soak the ground below. The soil becomes over saturated turning it into thick and sticky mud that traps animals in its depths. Despite the roots of the trees anchoring it, the soil slowly shits down a ravine.

  6. #1012592016-04-13 05:59:03--Jack-- said:

    A man is sitting on a rooftop quietly; the sun has recently set, giving only a faint orange light to the surroundings. He looks to the bustling streets below, glowing with golden neon, and in the distance he sees a large power plant sending smoke into the night sky.