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Parent: The Milo Thread

  1. #1011582016-04-09 14:42:19Kirn said:

    This suddenly made me thinking. I dunno what Milo really is, never had it. But it sounds similar to cocoa powder.... meaning, you can probably do what we call "chocolate salami". Internet tells me, that it's Italian recipe, and I dunno about that, but this thing was crazy popular when I was young, cause it's damn easy to make and it is damn tasty.


    What you need:

    Cookies (simplest you can find) - 500 g.
    Eggs - 2.
    Butter - 200 g.
    Cocoa powder, or, in this case - MILO - 2 big spoons.
    Sugar - 1 glass.

    (Some people also add nuts to it, but I say fuck to that, just get +200 more grams of cookies)

    What you do:

    Crumble all the cookies into small pieces. When I was small, we did it by hand, which was actually a lot of work.

    Mix eggs with sugar.


    Add Milo, stir it well, so there are no hard parts left, and we got one chocolatey mass of stuff.


    Add butter, set it in low fire and keep stirring it so all the butter and all the sugar are completely melted. You can try it during that process - when you can't feel sugar grains anymore, it's ready. Turn fire off.

    Adding crumbled cookies into it, mix it really well.


    Put what you get into foil, or some other stuff. Actually, we used small plastic bags for it. It doesn't really matter - you just need something to keep it more or less in shape.


    And that's it. After that you put it in fridge for about 4-5 hours, and then you can take it out and cut and eat it like a salami - hence the name.


    Oh, and while it is being frozen, the pan you used to cook it is probably still covered in chocolatey mass that didn't fit any of the packages, and it's still warm, so you can eat that like a treat while waiting for the salami to get properly frozen - it's extremely tasty.