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  1. Artists Appreciation Thread 2

    #1015212016-04-21 12:42:18Lieutenant said:

    We used to have this thread

    But apparently it's deleted now? I don't know what's going on, just found out it's gone when I was thinking of bumping it. So here's me, making a new one. People on chat has been talking about good artists a lot. So I'll make this thread for them so that they won't forget and can check back later for their fav artists.

    Post their names and artworks and link us to their site or whatever too. Have fun kids. No one be a dummy, it's called artists appreciation for a reason.

  2. #1015222016-04-21 12:43:56 *Koushiro said:

    One of my long time followed artist just released an artbook and its called "The Art of Loish"

    Loish makes commissions, originals and she had a kickstarter that had the support of other artists worldwide. Check her out