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Parent: Famous People Deaths

  1. #1015772016-04-22 19:10:29 *Ecstasy said:

    Vocalist K from Pay money To my Pain

    Pay Money to My Pain (stylized as Pay money To my Pain and abbreviated as P.T.P.) was a Japanese alternative rock/metal band. All of the band's lyrics are in English.
    K, real name Kei Goto (後藤慶), was often in poor physical condition and suffered from mental health issues (he talked about depression in some of his songs). On January 10, 2013, Pay Money to My Pain announced that K died on December 30, 2012 at age 31 due to acute heart failure at his home in Yokohama.
    In December 2013, Pay money To my Pain played their last concert, entitled "From Here to Somewhere" before disbanding.

    Wouldn't be surprised if nobody here knows this guy or the band, but this is one of the most influential celebrity deaths for me. I absolutely adore their music and messages in Kei's lyrics. I still can't get over this, even though it's been a while, his death destroyed me. He also contributed to the success of my favorite band by getting them to meet the right people.

    You might have heard their music in:

    • "Bury", from the album After You Wake Up, was featured as the opening theme to the anime One Outs.
    • Weight of my Pride was featured in episode 12 of the anime series Hajime no Ippo: Rising.
    • Respect for the Dead Man was also used as the theme song for the Nobunagun anime.

    I don't want to make this post longer, so if anyone is interested the official announcement of Kei's death along with some words from the band members are on the official P.T.P website's news, dated 2013.01.10 (scroll down to see English).