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  1. There has been talk.... [CL Fight Night Planning]

    #1015982016-04-23 12:05:55Johtoh said:

    CL Bystander 1: Hey dude! Whats going on!?!?

    CL Bystander 2: My dog died and wife left ne.

    CL Bystander 1: Well that sucks! Have you heard though!?!?!

    CL Bystander 2: About?

    CL Bystander 1: They are supposedly making a arena in the area! Its currently underconstruction in downtown!!!!

    CL Bystander 2: And? Why should i care?

    CL Bystander 1: Well instead of it being professional fighters, they are getting people like us! Everyday netizens with no lives! Heres a flyer i received the other day!


    With little activity in the CL community, i decided to hold a Deathma-.... I mean friendly sport amongst us. It shall be a one on one duel between you and another member in which you will battle for fame, glory, possibly a badge, and cat nip. Although we have begun construction on the dome, we still have yet to build its foundation (We just build dozens of luxurious litter box's). I would like to hear feedback from the community to determine if this will be worthwhile for me to host and for you to participate. The event shall follow as to:

    • Determining of combatants
    • Evaluation of powers and abilities of participants by the judges
    • Giving a round by round update
    • Crowning the winner
    • (Possibly) Animating the fight for visual and not just text

    There shall be 1 fight per month and if you pre-order a ticket we will throw in a replica of Johtoh The Cats Hat Tumbler. Please send your thoughts and concerns to --Jacks-- Home© or simply post on the Thread. Thank you.

  2. #1015992016-04-23 12:25:35Kirn said:

    So, an obvious question... how the fuck will this all work? Like, what are the rules? Will there be some sort or battle system, or judging, or what?

    See, I play forum DnD games, as well as other tabletop systems, and I know how hard can it be to do a proper PvP, with balance and all that. So, how do you imagine the fights going anyways?

  3. #1016002016-04-23 12:48:37Johtoh said:


    As far as rules will go, there shall be little to none. Since its the first time having something like this, i have yet to think of any to make this project balanced. The judging shall go as to:

    • Points on description of abilities
    • Evaluation of looks to see if its befitting or not
    • Points on mock battles

    There will be 3 mock battles ( 1 per judge) in which the judge will write a scenario which will be presented to the participant to see how he/she will react. When all 3 scenarios are gathered, the judges together will compare the scenarios given by each participant and see if he/she will have an advantage. Taking writing skills into evaluation, if the thoughts there it should be good enough (i hope).

    If the judging results to a tie, it will go to audience decision.

    As per rules, allowing a maximum word count may be needed. I wouldnt like for endless writing to happen. As the project becomes more fleshed out, more rules will come along with it. For now i just need everyones thoughts :D (Which you gave and im thankful for)

    If you have any advice please do share

  4. #1016092016-04-23 20:54:47Cloud-VK said:

    @Johtoh Soo this is gonna be a creative writing battle …tournament?

    In which we make up our own powers based on our looks and what powers we think we’d have if we really had any?

    Then if the powers and abilities are fitting… and get approved by the judges, we move on to your scenario battle idea?

    Where the judges give us made up situations, or writing prompts, and we earn points in the match based on our answers?

    …welp that sounds like a nifty idea, I’m cool with all of that. I mean if that’s how it all is expose to work @.@