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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1016672016-04-25 14:52:11 *Kirn said:


    This one was the last of the Oscar nominated movies this year I wanted to see. It didn't disappoint... I do think that bear should have gotten the Oscar, though, yes. And, what do you know - this fucking thing is based on a true story! Well, fuck, let's take a look at that.
    Now, first thing we have to really understand here. This is a tale from 1823. Obviously, the guy himself - Hugh Glass - is long dead. Everyone who knew him is long dead. And this story comes from a time of big tales and exaggerated fables. Pioneers had a fuckton of folk heroes, and it just might be, that this story is just that, and nothing more.
    So, I present to you two sources of information. One is a good-old trusty Wikipedia. And from this one you can see some interesting stuff already. Apparently, Glass was a pirate at some point, and there was never an issue about his son dying, and in the end, he killed noone - found two guys who left him for dead, forgave one, took back his rifle from another. And it was an epic fucking rifle. This article tells the story in much more detail, and again, even the article itself says that this tale goes mostly from what Glass himself told to other drunk people who later told it to reporters... but I like how it's written, and it tells a good story without overdramatizing stuff. So I will decide to mostly believe that one.
    So, in the end, what do we get? All that stuff about dead son, and revenge and other guy trying to choke him.... hollywood dramatization. Stuff about crawling around? Yeah, mostly true. Bear mauled the guy for approaching her 2 cubs? Yep, total truth, give the bear an Oscar already.