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  1. This is a broken site.

    #1017912016-04-28 15:56:44 *Kirn said:

    So yeah, this is now a broken site.

    If you try to add link in your post - using tags, or if you would tag any user in your post - you will get "It's broken" page. Thing is, your post will be sent... but it will not be shown as last post from the front page, and it even won't bump the fucking thread. Which is a serious problem.

    Not only that, but PMs do not send. At fucking all. Even with no links. You will get notice that someone sent you PM, but it won't show in your inbox. And you won't even get notice on e-mail, so you will never know what was in the PM.

    This needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

  2. #1017952016-04-28 15:58:56 *Yugure said:

    Upvoted and bumped for visibility

    Can I just speculate that someone or something is behind all of these errors? Hue hue hue.

  3. #1018072016-04-28 18:51:22--Jack-- said:

    Well, I certainly didn't get notified of this mention above. That absolutely shows the point. I couldn't blame anyone for saying the site is broken when it is in this current state. Unfortunately all I know is that at least the majority of these things are already brought to staff attention.

  4. #1018082016-04-28 18:54:24Kirn said:

    @--Jack-- as far as I know, something like this happened before, but perhaps wasn't fixed properly, cause it's happening again. Dunno how aware you all are on the modchat atm, so pinged you all to get it going for sure.

  5. #1019542016-05-03 09:04:59Koushiro said:

    Information update, (well sort of)

    Aside from the messages kenken sent me that i can open(just the interface appears, not the message), I tried opening another message, it flashed then disappear, idk what is goin on but, for a second i thought its working because on my tablet whenever i open a message here it loads in kind of a white page before the message, it did, but then returned to "you cant view that message" thingy.

  6. #1019742016-05-03 23:22:23 *Warlock said:

    Just popping in to say that I know what the issue is for the PMs. The SMTP server we used, mandrillapp has changed their policy on April 27th, which has affected our PMs/Email system. They are now a paid service. I will find a new server for us to use to fix the issue.

    Sorry for any inconveniences.

    EDIT : Alright PMs are now working. Enjoy!

  7. #1020102016-05-04 03:40:42 *--Jack-- said:

    This is an unofficial announcement from CL staff

    ...concerning the issues CL has and how you can protect yourself from site vulnerabilities that have come to our attention. There are vulnerabilities that can allow your private information to potentially be stolen and I'm going to tell you how to avoid this based on what I know right now:

    • Yes the PM system works again. Do not use PMs at all whatsoever! The vulnerability comes from viewing things that users can receive in PMs. Do not open PMs from users you don't know, especially.

    • Tags, the other thing to be wary of. Individual tag pages are also vulnerable at this time. Do not visit tag pages at all whatsoever!

    If you have any new information or need to report activity that is going on, please contact members of CL Staff via either CL's Chat or Skype.