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  1. collaborative writing, one sentence at a time

    #1018752016-04-30 22:52:33Bayne said:

    I thought this would be an interesting experiment. It's quite self explanatory, I'll write an opening sentance and you / anyone who's reading this will write the next sentence. This is my first thread so I'd appreciate any constructive criticism; I'm always eager to learn from my mistakes. Also, please inform me if this thread already exists. Without further ado, Nicholas exited the derelict bus, having finally arrived at his destination.

  2. #1019012016-05-01 19:01:03CQKumber said:

    He wasted no time, discreetly tucking the machine under one arm before taking off at a brisk pace- if anyone saw him with it, all of his efforts would have been for nothing.

  3. #1019752016-05-03 23:31:25 *EvoRulz said:

    He gritted his teeth, aware that she was being monitored from the office building across the street and three stories up.

  4. #1019762016-05-03 23:51:11armedzerox said:

    And he knows what he should be doing, and that is saving the woman's life before she realize what danger she had brought to herself three years ago before the bloody accident.

  5. #1028022016-05-21 15:04:57lukereiss said:

    Nicholas was about to use the time machine in order to save her, but the woman stopped her and said "Gotcha! It's mine now".

  6. #1028882016-05-23 14:56:08ID_Tuner said:

    And what a wondrous future it was! Technology beyond her wildest dreams, and a new society with new views on just about everything!

  7. #1044062016-07-03 01:09:24ObvsIronman said:

    Planet Earth, which had been abandoned for years after everyone moved away in fear of the sun exploding, became sentient and was on its way to her current location, hungry for time machine stealing hoes.

  8. #1044582016-07-04 00:13:42ObvsIronman said:

    The people in the bar with her turned around and looked at her, screaming at her in a strange, futuristic language, frightening her and ushering her out of the bar.

  9. #1044732016-07-04 05:24:31 *EvoRulz said:

    She turned her head back from the bar as she was shuffled out, and realized she had walked right into the path of the man that originally owned the time machine.

  10. #1050022016-07-14 04:52:04stayingtrue37 said:

    Not even glancing at the woman who was being ushering out of the bar, the man quickly grabbed the time machine and ran into a deserted alley.

  11. #1068792016-09-11 03:09:06 *EvoRulz said:

    He had realized that he was linked with the machine somehow even though he wasn't in contact with it for it to have dragged him through time with Britta, the woman he had rested his hopes and dreams on, when she unexpectedly betrayed him.