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  1. What are you hyped about?

    #1020002016-05-04 01:30:18 *Bayne said:

    Perhaps there's a new season for your favorite show. Maybe your favorite author is writing a new novel. Whatever it is that you're excited about, this thread is for you to share the hype and maybe discover something another member has posted that catches your interest. Here's my contribution:

  2. #1020172016-05-04 10:44:40Kirn said:

    Seems like this is the hot topic on every site I visit. Except for this one. So i will be the one to post it there.

    They announced the Dawn of War 3.

  3. #1032522016-06-04 14:30:57 *Rinneko said:

    "People on the internet that are only turned on by cartoons of Japanese teenagers!"

    "Keep your hands off your ding-dong, Morty! That's the only way we can speak freely."

  4. #1039392016-06-24 00:57:02 *Yugure said:


    MY CHILDHOOD TV SHOW ;_______;

    (Now if this house had a TV....)