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What are you hyped about?

  1. #1098742017-04-05 17:28:06virtuNat said:

    Persona 5 being here will always be a thing I'll be itchy with until the day i hopefully am able to experience it first-hand...

  2. #1104192017-05-08 07:46:54Kirn said:

    At any moment of time, I am somewhat hyped about quite a few things. But I will put out this thing here because it needs a special mention for me.

    Yes, motherfuckers, I am actually hyped about new Spiderman movie. Believe me or now, Spiderman cartoons were pretty much the only superhero series I ever watched when I was a kid. Sure, there was occasional superhero movie, but at some time, that cartoon was seriously the only superhero thing I watched consistently, and Peter Parker was the only superhero I really knew a lot about.

    So, when they started announcing Spiderman movies, I got disappointed really fast. Honestly, Tobey Maguire got good roles, but I thing he's fucking horrible as Spider-man. Next guy was a bit better (and seriously, as we saw in Hacksaw Ridge, Andrew Garfield is pretty impressive actor), but I still didn't feel the movie was done right. But this... for this I honestly have hope.

    Obviously, this is MCU, so it must be good by default. Plus, that allows for coolest thing - Tony Stark mentoring Peter Parker. I mean, damn, that sounds cool already. And now I see Michael Keaton in the new trailer. Motherfuckers, he is the Tim Burton's Batman! And he will be out villain!
    But surprisingly, most of all I feel that the main hero might probably be right this time. Because I liked what I was in Civil War, in that short role. You remember? He never could even shut up during the fight, and it was half cockiness and half pure amazement, which I think is the right mix for this hero.

    So yes, I mostly hated all the previous attempts to bring Spider-man to cinemas, but about this one I am finally hyped.