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What are you hyped about?

  1. #1137302018-04-15 16:55:53Kinnear said:

    In the case of your post just now, you want to click the "2018-04-14 22:23:01" part. If you hover over it, it should say "Permalink to this item". After you click it, the thread title at the top of the page should say "Parent: What are you hyped about?" rather than just "What are you hyped about?". Once you're there, you can reply normally in the "Your reply" window.

  2. #1139392018-05-14 09:16:42IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Doing all of my requirements tonight 13 business letters

    Review for 4 of my final exams

    Summary of a book

    Printed reports

    Reaction papers

    Research papers

    All of which are due tomorrow.

  3. #1141462018-06-11 03:17:14Kinnear said:

    What's the difference between ToV Definitive Edition and the original?

    P.S: The original is amazing, even if it's the same story and such I'm glad it's becoming more accessible to those who haven't played it yet.

  4. #1141722018-06-12 18:15:32 *Kittycat said: