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  1. Tabletop Simulator

    #1021322016-05-07 21:44:11 *MrTrain said:
    HEY have you heard of tabletop simulator? It simulates a table for you to create and or play your favourite boardgames with friends, online or offline! The simulator is on steam which means you have access to many user created and existing board game titles like: Ticket to Ride, Mafia, Poker, Dead Winter, Settlers of Catan, and many more. Perfect for board game nights with your online pals!

    Post in this thread if you have the game so that I can add you to the list!
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  2. #1106432017-05-21 14:44:01virtuNat said:

    I can recommend as well.

    You can even mod your own games into it, but it requires a bit of knowhow of lua scripting and dealing with the fact that the support is mostly WIP.... but it's definitely possible!

  3. #1106622017-05-22 16:57:12BakaHime said:

    I can make a whole fucking rant about how it lags 24950284 times per second for me. But I won't. Because it would've been okay if it actually worked for me. Anyway have fun with it :D