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Pokemon Sun and Moon [HYPE]

  1. #1076522016-10-17 00:31:16 *Yugure said:

    Poll is up, so let me know which Version are you gonna get!

    I might just buy the least popular version, so you can have a guaranteed friend to trade version exclusives with. I'm leaning towards PokeMoon though.

    Share your thoughts as well on why you are choosing your chosen version.


    Tagging the coolest people (a.k.a PokeNerds):

    @Tanabe @Warlock @Gwynn @Ike_no-aishite @judar @Xyopq @holg0290 @Kittycat

    and other people I forgot along the way.

  2. #1077312016-10-23 04:58:40Xyopq said:

    I'm Probably getting Sun because Lion Legendary. Although if I prefer the other exclusives in Moon I'll get that instead. We can always just have a CL trade group to get the others though.

  3. #1077892016-10-30 02:05:26Xyopq said:

    Now that the final starter forms are known, which are you going for? I like the look of Decidueye, plus y'know awesome typing.

  4. #1081932016-11-26 13:13:58Xyopq said:

    I ended up picking up Moon because Sandshrew and because I'm in Australia and haven't changed my 3ds time daytime is still daytime (^-^)

  5. #1095202017-03-13 04:09:25piggu said:
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