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  1. #1026142016-05-16 00:47:38EvoRulz said:

    To ______

    I feel like a failure because I put everything into it and it didn't work, but at the same time I know I did everything and more. I set myself up to fail oh well, I care but that's a one way thing. I had to tell myself all those things so that I could have the strength to carry on.

    To _______

    Just do right by me okay?...

    If it gets out of hand i'm not going to hold on to this...

    Keep coming back already

    To ________

    Why don't you put everything into it like you once did? I guess that last one had a heavy toll on how you view how capable you are but I believe in you still okay?..

    I'm not sure what you think you're doing going from gal to gal but just don't go leaving a trail of broken hearts or i'll be unfriending you..

    You'd probably be better off as a regular flirt than taking responsibility for every little fancy you have so if it doesn't work this time seriously, try being single for once .-. I'm going to disappear on you if you keep this up, so don't let me.