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  1. Where to Invade Next (documentary)

    #1030052016-05-26 20:25:22Kirn said:

    Hello, one and all, let's take another jab at America, shall we? Yeah, that's right, with another documentary.

    So. This Michael Moore guy seems to be an active critic of the, how you call it, globalization and stuff like that. Pretty much a political activist who holds a very critical view of USA's government and ways of life. And what he does in this movie is he travels to different countries and learns about some social problems are being dealt with there.
    I will say right away, that I found this to be pretty interesting. However, at the same time, it's a sort of movie that goes for effect, and leaves a lot of research out. Let me tell you what I mean. During the part of the movie about female political leaders, screen at one point got filled with photos of female political leaders from different countries. And I recognized one photo - Timoshenko, who is a leader of a political party here. And while she's certainly a political leader... she's a horrible fucking example of a politician.
    Well, what I mean to say is, this movie is good for taking those interesting facts shown there, and doing research on it on your own. You can consider it not as image of how things can or even should be, but on different perspective on doing things. And I certainly can say that it was interesting to see a representatives of a lot of different countries. So, while I feel like this is an instrument of political propaganda, it is quite educational in its own way, and I do recommend it.