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  1. The Shovel Lord's Birthday Celebration

    #1030532016-05-29 02:44:01Lieutenant said:

    Today marks the day when the demon rises up from hell to bring eternal terror to the world, the origin that of which is feared by all, they wish it didn't happen. Though not a divine power can control the fate of their death, the fearsome man they know as the Shovel Lord has found the site so under-rated on the internet that he claimed to himself as a part of his territory to cleanse the location from the minds of mentally-handicapped people, called The Colorless.

    As tainted as the region is, the man still found his place in it. He has a lot of stories to share with the netizens of The Colorless, be it bad or good ones, this veteran may just be very helpful and the one of the users who cares for this site in the longest time, a dying breed of the oldfag, and has quite a remarkable history with the site.

    Happy 30th birthday, @Kirn. May you achieve what you want the most with a boost of good luck, have a better life as time passed by and continue to supervise the site till its end. Come, people, wish for your shovel lord, the guardian of native wit and the executioner of foolishness.

    Also, due to his birthday, I'll be unlocking this thread for 24 hours until I lock it again.

    Here have a cake

  2. #1030612016-05-29 05:01:36Kirn said:

    @Lieutenant well, that was a pretty epic description ) Thanks, even though you know well that I don't celebrate this day. Oh, yeah, and thanks for the cake )

    Hmmm... looking back, I joined this fucking place, when I was Kadota's age... time sure flies.

  3. #1030812016-05-30 05:01:55Kuroba_Loki said:

    Happy birthday shovelbaby :D

    I hope you enjoy your birthday (although I think it's already done hahaha)

    Keep shoveling and being the @kirn that almost everyone here loves :>