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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1031622016-06-01 03:34:05Kirn said:

    Race (2016)

    This one is about famous black athlete Jesse Owens, who went to 1936 Summer Olympics in Nazi Germany and won 4 gold medals. And there you go, I just spoiled a whole movie for you. But you know, one can't help it when you are shown movie based on pretty well-known stuff.
    So, on one hand, this is a sports movie, on the other hand it got its share of drama about race, politics and all sorts of related stuffs. I can say, it's a decent representation. And you know, it was very possible for this movie to become just another film showing how unfairly blacks were treated back than... and there's enough of that, sure, but that doesn't feel like the main focus of it.
    So anyways, how true? Again, on my usual site there's a list of facts with sources. And it seems like, quite a lot is how it was. Yeah, Jesse had affair, yes, he was asked to not go to the games, yes, he became friends with Luz Long. There are smaller inconsistencies, like the building project deal for Nazi embassy coming through only after the games, not before, and like how Jesse was never actually called to meet Hitler. Plus there's a whole unknown area about why 2 Jewish runners were told to sit that race out. Movie puts its own spin on it, but noone knows for sure. In any case, seems like quite a lot is true here, and Owens' family was involved in the production of the movie. So, all in all, I would say the movie is much more true than not.