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  1. VA-11 HALL-A [Cyber-Punk Bar tending Simulator]

    #1033182016-06-07 06:54:27 *Wolfangle said:

    VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, Out on June 21st 2016


    In case that any of you have been waiting patiently for a rich experience in a cyberpunk bar tending simulator, filled with diverse plot lines, well thought out characters, and corgis. Well then I have the perfect game for you!

    Introducing, VA-11 HALL-A
    ("Vahl-hah-luh", for all you non-hip nerds out there)



    Rich in waifus, adult humor, and the retro art aspect, I will say anything to make you all want this game.

    Set in the time of 207X A.D. Glitch City. A small oasis in the middle of the concrete desert. A fountain of spirits waiting for tired souls. On a small road just seconds away from the main street, somewhere near the slums, you can find the Hall A of the BBC-certified bar coded VA-11... But that's a mouthful, so we just call it Valhalla.. I-It's a bar. Here in this bar you play as a young adult bartender named Jill.


    Concept Mechanics:

    The concept of this game is that you fulfill orders your customers ask you, each with an enticing plot of which will relieve you of boredom. Based on how you serve your customers (by mixing drinks), the plot changes. Meaning in some situations, a character's fate could be life or death all because of you. Or a lead to different paths in the game with it's own pile of unique characters

    That's not all tho, here's but a list of the multiple/few things you can do in this game, which has not been fully explained yet.

    • Take a smoke
    • Drink alcohol and get drunk with characters for more plot
    • Surf the Cyberpunk Internet
    • Gain hard earned cash
    • Pay Rent
    • Spend said cash on more alcohol, decorations, gifts, games, ect.
    • Play truth or dare with characters you've met
    • Text/Talk to character/friends you've met & have not killed
    • Learn more about the game so i won't have to shit post ideas for you
    • Feel cool like you're in a cowboy bebop episode
    • I don't really know all the shit, but even without this^ It's amazing so far http://66.media.tumblr.com/b79543fb861e67c02370de01478555b7/tumblr_nuyouei3W41tw77coo1_1280.gif





    Now in case any of you made it this far, there is a demo & prologue out now to get a chance to know what the full game will be like. If you simply click here, you can play the free demo of the full release game or pay $14.99/€13.19 for the prologue & ost. Which by the way, the ost is simply amazing.

    Ost & Links:

    VA-11 HALL-A's Ost by Garoad

    Garoad's Twitter

    Sukeban's twitter (a.k.a VA-LL HALL-A's studio)

    VA-11 HALL-A's Website

    VA-11 HALL-A's very communicative tumblr

    VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, Out on June 21st 2016

    Worthy Screenshots of Worthy-ness:








    SHIT, Almost forgot to mention this important aspect of the game. THERE ARE TALKING CORGIS IN THE FUTURE!! BEWARE!!!

    Attention: Please do not accept checks from this corgi, he's a fraudulent patron.


    Now excuse me while i go rest and remember all the other useful stuff i could've added in this thread (tomorrow).


  2. #1033252016-06-07 11:15:31 *EvoRulz said:

    I absolutely love the pixelated animation! The nostalgia is real <3 And is that a gravatar used by @--Jack-- I saw in the video? This thread is really nicely done, +1 @Wolfangle


    *Notices Australia Jokes...........* >_> +2
  3. #1033512016-06-07 23:04:43Wolfangle said:

    @Kirn I've already bought the game package 2 years ago. So with each update, they send me a new demo & the already owned prolouge. If you want, i can pm you a link to the files. The prologue is around 2 hours long, whereas the latest demo is an hour long worth of gameplay

  4. #1037272016-06-18 16:48:49mizlily said:

    It looks cool, I haven't touched steam in years. I probably don't even know my password or email either.....actually its certain that i don't remember.

  5. #1038662016-06-21 16:30:32 *Wolfangle said:

    Happy Bartending!

    VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is LITERALLY OUT!!


    this game is amazing, omg, you have no idea how nostalgic this feels and how there's soo much to do & the soundtracks are 100/100 & i'm in love.
  6. #1039262016-06-23 16:39:22Kirn said:

    You know, I actually enjoy this game more than I expected from watching you fuckers being hyped about it. I might write up some review some later time. Or maybe not. We'll see.

  7. #1039812016-06-24 18:44:11Kirn said:

    So, I just went through my first playthrough.

    And this is damn good. First of all, this is a visual novel, through and through... But its unique style makes it so much more. Plus, really, it's a bartending sim. How much cooler can it be?

    Now, with amount of waify-hype this game is getting (just look at how retardly hyped-up the fuckers here are), one would almost be scared that the game is just for stupid fucks looking for a cheap anime laugh. And in some ways - it is. It's anime as fuck, it was cute anime girls, it has fuckton of internet memes. It's actually pretty fun in that regard, too.

    However, that's not all there is too it. Under the laughs and the silliness, there's a really deep story, and awesome characters. Well, they should be awesome, cause that's all the game has - mixing drinks and interacting with that incredible bunch of people, androids and talking dogs. And as you get to know them, you really start to care for them. Fuck, you start caring too much. Like, I got, I think, a simple nice ending for now, and I can't even count all the mysteries that haven't been resolved. Will they be resolved in other playthroughs? How can I even make that happen? Who the fuck is invisible girl, for fuck's sake? Maybe it's part of the deal here. You get a glimpse of the world they give you, and you feel that it's so much bigger that you can ever see. It amazes and frustrates at the same time.

    Speaking of world. This game really brings love back to cyberpunk. And let me tell you, I am also playing Dreamfall Chapters right now, and I actually see a lot of similarities between Glitch city here and city of Propast there. Corporations are fucking with you, rogue nanobots fuck up your life, crazy combat drones roam the city, and noone really thinks that it's something weird. This is how cyberpunk should be - I know that the world is familiar to you, but at the same time it's utterly polluted with so much random tech and bad choices that you can't help but love it and always ask it for more. Even though that all you see is literally your apartment, shop outside and, most importantly, a bar, you get to experience a lot of this world. Through talk with customers and, oh dear, yes, internet. Not even going to talk about them blogs and boards. Just nope.

    On a personal note, this whole crazy cyberpunk thing actually made me feel okay about all the non-straight characters we get there. I don't care much for it, especially if it's a bit part of the story... but here I don't really mind, cause... you know, why would I care about people with different sexual orientations, when I am serving alcohol to talking dogs with Hawaiian shirts? At this point there are more important things to worry about, like my sanity, or the state of the bathroom.

    All in all? Rich atmosphere, great cyberpunk setting, awesome characters, and good jokes. And don't let the hyping animetards fool you - this game is much deeper than it first looks.