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  1. TheColorless Discussion #2: Personal Brand

    #1034342016-06-11 10:06:10Lieutenant said:

    Discussion #2: Personal Brand

    Good day to the members of the Colorless.

    And here I am again, opening a new topic for discussion. This time, the topic would be something quite relevant and so to say, important, they say, for your future career. Aside from that, it's generally important for your identification with the outside world. It differentiates you from others, and people may know you from your best trait, or how you look, how you dress like, your voice, etc.

    My ideas of discussion always come from chat where I'd decided to make a thread for them so that their opinion may as well be written and kept in here, may it be useful, or no, it's up to the individual.

    Depending on others, personal branding may be developed through years of experience, some who got lucky may already possess a strong personal branding through publicity, may it made by them or not. There is no right or wrong answer to this, how you decided to 'brand' yourself reflects your personality, through first impression and long-term trip of your possible career.

    It may also reflects yourself in the eyes of the people, to establish a good relationship with them. Each to their own opinion and ways of displaying themselves.


    So I'd like to know your opinion on this, what do you think of your own personal branding? Do you think it is strong enough to represent to the others that you no longer have to introduce yourself? It would be interesting to read on all that you have to offer here. Go ahead. Spill it all out.

  2. #1034372016-06-11 12:32:22 *Yugure said:

    In my PoV, I actually think that I am the kind of person, who, without a doubt, need to explain myself a lot on who I am, my lifestyle, etc. But most of the time I just avoid all of this altogether, because I know other people don't care about what I do. As long as I'm contributing anything.

    In other people's PoV, I can sense them and/or imagine how they think about me - mysterious. And why? It isn't because I keep my personality silent (and people can read me very easily and obviously). It probably has to with the fact that I do things erratically and by just instinct. One minute I'll be doing this thing, next few moments I'll be doing other things. Most of the time, this is highly unlikely, since I tend to slack off. But when things became dire (like finals), it is possible.

    Some people think I blend too well in my surroundings. Like a ninja. Given the fact that I don't talk too much, and I have to show myself that I'm capable of standing up on my own, it may or may not be a part of me. Regardless, even being invisible has its advantages. Like a sudden attack in a dodgeball game. Or like, they are gossiping about me when I'm literally within earshot. But yeah, I'll be the first one to be forgotten as well. I don't mind though 'cause it ain't my loss.

    Overall, my personal branding is still dormant. And by dormant, I mean, neither I nor others know what I truly am. For now, I would say it's like the color white - it can be stained anytime by anything.

    (Almost forgot - I am immature as well, so just take this post as a sake of contributing something I don't want to contribute)

  3. #1034612016-06-12 05:46:00 *Yugure said:


    Filipinos, Canadians, other races existing where I am. People who know me, people who don't know me. Whether in IRL, or in CL. It doesn't matter, because at this point, I'm too lazy too ask what they think about me...

    On a more serious note, if I were to ask that to various people who have me as their classmate, I can just imagine and barf as they sugarcoat their words, and by the end, I'll just take it as a sarcastic opinion. Rarely, there will be people who I encounter along the way that will brutally and honestly tell me who I am. So far, I haven't encountered one yet. Iirc, back when I was in PH, I was told a lot about my characteristic. Forgot what those are though. Something about my charisma and demeanor...

    TL;DR - sadly, no. I never ask those questions. I just undergo a brain simulation in which I would think, "if I were that person, what would I think about Yugure?", and judge myself based on that person's PoV. So really, no point in asking.

    Besides, I find it cringeworthy and disturbing, along with idle talks like "Hi, how are you?". "I'm good, and you?". "I'm fine, thanks for asking.". I'd rather have them tell it to my face like "YUGU, YOU FUCKER! YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!!! YOU ARE USELESS!!! GO DO SOMETHING USEFUL WHILE WE FUCK YOUR ASS!!!" or something like that.

    Keyword here is "imagine". Or in other words, "putting myself in other people's shoes/slippers/sandals/footwear"

  4. #1034382016-06-11 14:51:28 *Taro_Tanako said:

    I think the concept of a "personal brand" is sadly a reflection of the society we inhabit. Is this not incredibly reductive of our complex nature? Personal identity and the reflection of it in the eyes of those around us is, however, very interesting. But isn't it better to ask your audience what that branding is rather than to let your ego rampage away and self publicise to the point of self delusion?

    Of course, it does no harm to state how you aim to be perceived by others but I do kinda feel that most of us (all of us) would be disappointed by the reflection in the mirror.

  5. #1034542016-06-12 04:40:20Lieutenant said:

    It's like the feedback of what you get from the things you do that you want them to perceive it like you do yes. You may do one thing and people think another, it may come off as a double meaning too. It'll all be great with a suitable target audience. Anything outside the range of the target is considered as bonus.

    That's why feedback is important to improve but we all know that people who're always so self-ignorant and keep indulging him/herself however they want to because most of people would say "ignore what people say, just be yourself." till they forgot a constructive criticism is alright.

  6. #1034692016-06-12 14:20:19Taro_Tanako said:

    Yup! Personal example, I've always tried to wear my heart on my sleeve and not be particularly closed off as a person but I have very clearly failed in this as a number of friends and girlfriends have told me that they cannot tell at all what I'm thinking or feeling about stuff. Not that I'm robot-like or cold but that I'm just not a good communicator.

    Of course, half of them appear to have no social awareness and are introverted but if that's the audience then so be it.

  7. #1034422016-06-11 16:11:18Kirn said:

    Hmmm... I would say, personal branding is definitely something that is very real. Heck, I myself am into that. it provides some easy hooks for when you don't yet know a person. It's a way to remember something about them. Sort of mnemonics, really. In time you may know that person better, and figure out how much of a distinct personality he is (yeah, right...) Or maybe you would never get to know him/her, and always would remember them as a person with weird shoes.

    What's more, I can tell for a fact, personal branding is a thing that definitely works for me, even though I don't specifically work on it. However, for example, I always wear black, or at least very dark clothing, but I don't look like a metal fan or goth or any of the retards trying to make the color into their own personal style. I just wear it. So people are fast to associate me with that color.
    Oh, and actually, as if it happened just so I could write about it here... Yesterday my coworkers discovered that I always carry a Swiss army knife with me. And it's not a weapon, obviously, but the key word is knife, after all, so I have a feeling that may turn into my next brand for some of them now, adding a hint of danger to someone who is already "black". We'll see what that will lead to...

    Anyways, I would say that personal branding is certainly something to consider even if you aren't the one to try and more some sort of branding for yourself. It's also not something to fight - it's in human nature to put simple labels on stuffs, because it really helps to sort world out into simple bits.

  8. #1034552016-06-12 04:43:18Lieutenant said:

    @Kirn it's okay love we all remember you for your shovel

    Actually to be honest, I would turn Kirn into a real product brand even this obsession is so unhealthy

  9. #1034742016-06-13 00:07:44momo said:

    Kirn made a few good points, and I gotta say I mostly agree. If your brand is strong enough, you get more mindshare and people will naturally speak of you whether you're there or not. This helps to introduce you before others may have ever met you.

    Also I feel it is kinda silly to talk about it diluting/simplifying your complex nature, that just reeks of "special snowflake syndrome", that you're somehow sooooo unique that anything that doesn't reinforce that idea is a denial of yourself.

    As for my own personal brand, I think it is relatively well established across multiple platforms, both online and IRL, albeit tailored for specific groups at time. Examples being I'm less abrasive IRL at work or socializing, more silly on recreational sites like CL, etcetc. None of these constitute a separate brand or personality, only sliding scales of how I present myself in different spaces to better suit them and what I hope to get out of my experiences in those spaces.

    Finally, there's a lot ot be said about personal branding in a professional sense, especially when you work as a freelancer or entrepreneur. However, I feel this overlaps too much with proper business marketing and is outside the scope of this thread.