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  1. Rap/HipHop/R&B appreciation thread (Formerly Johs Trap Corner)

    #1034562016-06-12 04:45:13 *Johtoh said:


    Welcome to Johtohs Trap Corner. Here, i shall share with you all the hiphop/rap/trap music, culture, and etc. i come across. My goal here is to enlighten you on the culture and various music i listen to in which hope you will listen to it as well. Or bump it in your whip (Play the music in your motor vehicle).

    Everyone is welcome to post anything pertaining to Rap/Trap/HipHop as well!

  2. #1034682016-06-12 12:57:12 *EvoRulz said:

    Here's a trap for you :3

    Actually, I love almost all kinds of music so i'm keen to see where this thread goes, If it's anything like @King_Deus' Metal & Rock Corner then I know we're in for a treat!

  3. #1035372016-06-15 09:24:06Johtoh said:

    "That part" Is actually california slang! It another way of saying "Isnt that right?" or "Right!?". It is mostly used in SoCal (South California)

  4. #1037952016-06-20 08:05:01Domo said:

    Chano from 79! I actually don't like Coloring Book but I appreciate "All We Got." Chance3 puts me off a little because I came to listen to him, not Kanye. He deserves to be the face of gospel rap, but Kanye "owns" it or whatever because of TLOP (and of course his earlier works but none of which were as laden with religious imagery). Anyway, he's underappreciated & I'm proud of him!

  5. #1037962016-06-20 08:11:58Domo said:

    This isn't trap but it's an interesting piece on the popularization of dancehall in rap/hip hop today. Basically Drake's whole look is stolen & Views is bad because he doesn't know how to employ the sound. I mean, Controlla's a bop but Popcaan's sample could've been done better.

  6. #1038112016-06-20 14:39:24Maryam said:

    This is an older song but I genuinely love how it's a great mix of electronic and hip hop styles PLUS it has a very good hook. Can't go wrong with Chance and Skrillex.

  7. #1038992016-06-22 11:59:58Wolfangle said:

    I honestly thought this thread was only for trap music. Im gonna have to flood this thread with good rap/hiphop when im free later

  8. #1039092016-06-23 00:26:36Maryam said:

    Hmaburger Helper (the grocery store brand yes) might have dropped this trap mixtape for April Fool's Day this year but these tracks are no joke.