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Rap/HipHop/R&B appreciation thread (Formerly Johs Trap Corner)

  1. #1062602016-08-18 14:04:14 *Maryam said:

    I will N E V E R let this thread die.

    Also listen to these before you die or you're just doing it wrong

    I realized that I heard a Kyle song almost a year ago and new he would blow up. Now here we are His most famous song is King Wavy, which is also a great listen but truly these are bangers let me tell you. ALSO JOH ALREADY LINKED Don't Wanna Fall in Love.

    These have that electronic touch that's just right.

  2. #1069052016-09-11 18:44:35ccc said:

    this dude(Post Malone)apparently lived like 20 miles away from me (back when he still lived in texas )hahahahahahaha

  3. #1092802017-02-24 00:49:36ccc said:

    Still don't get how is it that Artist like him ,pretty much get shit on,like often get advertised as"everyone is listening to em " and still get no radio play? Not trying to take shots at those artist who are on the radio,but how does this not get played? Its probably because its too real

    Its probably because its too real