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  1. Summer 2016 Anime Chart

    #1034902016-06-13 22:57:28 *Yugure said:

    Might as well post this.

    Either click the link above, or click this one.

    Summer in more or less 2 weeks. FINALLY.

    Share those anime you're looking forward to watch when you don't have anything to do this summer. Don't worry, we'll watch with you.

  2. #1034912016-06-13 23:03:27 *Enami said:

    ORANGE! Well that is on the top of my list in terms of these summer ones, but maybe I should go check the spring anime I never got around to watching after all before that lol

    "Onara Gorou" tho.. wtf

  3. #1034922016-06-14 00:29:07 *Ecstasy said:

    What is this season? Is this for real? A Berserk sequel, a D.Gray-man sequel, a swimming anime but with girls, an anime about yaoi fans, an anime about male cheerleeders and anime about a fart (literally, a fucking fart).

    That being said, looking forward to Drifters OVA and probably the only thing I'm actually going to watch. The manga is done by Kouta Hirano (most famous for Hellsing) and they will also air TV series supposedly somewhere in October this year. Oh, will also watch the Gintama Love Potion Arc adaptation.

    edit: also, correct me if I'm wrong, but why do I see Sunrise? Weren't they bought by Bandai Namco Pictures?

  4. #1035202016-06-14 20:34:49Yugure said:

    Anime about yaoi fans

    As if there wasn't a season without a yaoi anime (directly or indirectly)...