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【CL Chorus】Pokémon Theme Song [COMPLETE]

  1. #1040802016-06-26 15:05:26EvoRulz said:

    @Zephyr totally!! :D so awesome to see people signing up still! There's about a week left to record though ^_^' sorry if thats a bit fast. And for the artists the deadline is a little further away :)

  2. #1042512016-06-30 01:54:49 *RikkaChi said:

    I'll try. I might die from having to listen to my own voice, but I'll try cause why not? EDIT: Nevermind I did die from having to listen to my voice

  3. #1046822016-07-07 12:46:52 *armedzerox said:

    oh, i thought we have our own musical instrument. if that's the case thought of joining it with the drums heheh @EvoRulz.

    I think CL should one day make their own songs with their own musics. Will be awesome.

  4. #1053572016-07-23 06:33:43EvoRulz said:

    If anyone would be willing, we would really like some 8 bit graphics and we need your help!

    Art/Chorus badge up for grabs! or our undying love and affection, and if that urks you then negotiate something or consider volunteering :'D

    The Job:

    we would like you to redesign the opening scene art works of the pokemon red version game, @Gwynn can tell you the exact logos she wants changed from GAMEFREAK to COLORLESS for example

    Also if you want to add any pokemon related art to put in the chorus somewhere that would be welcomed, pretty much anything goes just keep it CL appropriate

  5. #1055752016-07-30 02:27:29EvoRulz said:

    so @Qarr entered in the art side of this project and made some EPIC art, still waiting on @yugure 's permission to use one of them, and since we still dont have an artist for what Gwynn needed i've gone ahead and put several hours into it myself, hopefully some new art coming in from @rebel no pressure though this is just for fun remember :D

  6. #1063412016-08-21 13:23:47 *Rinneko said:

    Thank you for this, @EvoRulz, @Ecstasy and @Gwynn! You three relieved my childhood dream of being part of the Pokemon universe, haha. A job well done to all the singers! It was cute to hear the different accents showing throughout the song.

    I read 'The Johto Journeys' as 'The Johtoh Journeys', pfft. Oh, 10/10 would catch Sheep any day ;)

  7. #1063452016-08-21 14:04:15 *Qarr said:

    @EvoRuls @Ecstasy @Gwynn Very well executed you three, Trés Bien! Although I haven't been around for long, I think this was a huge success, from the quick release to the great editing. I'd just like to take a moment to thank you three for the effort put into this, and swift implementation of your tasks. Again, well done.

    I was admittedly really pleased that I got to take part in this as a huge fan of the Pokeverse, so I may be a tad biased ;P