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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1036082016-06-16 16:58:01Kirn said:

    Eddie the Eagle (2016)

    So, there's another sports movie. Also, here's a fun fact. Remember the movie about Jamaican bob-sledge team? There was a movie about them, "Cool Runnings". Well, at Winter Olympics of 1988 there was another weirdo who came in last, but was a big success in his own way. And that movie is about that guy.
    You know what, I will go right to the usual place. And from there we see that, right a way, there was a lot of made up stuff in this film. First of all, Hugh Jackman character is very much made up, and that kills pretty much half of the movie story already. Plus, Eddie was more of a sportsman, than he is shown, though he probably really was the most amateurish guy there. A lot of things was fictionalized for the movie, and pretty much just 3rd part is somewhat true in how the guy suddenly became popular with the crowd.
    It's alright movie if you want something light-hearted, and I have to admin, Hugh Jackman character got a fucking awesome moment there, but... most of it is not true to the facts. Real story is more straightforward and not too interested apart from the pure precedent of the fact, so they just had to add a lot of Hollywood scriptwriting to it.