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  1. CL Short Story Project 6: Discussion Thread [POLL CLOSED]

    #1037052016-06-18 08:32:00 *--Jack-- said:

    This thread is a follow up to:

    Firstly, as I'm sure you are aware by now, I am very much not @DarkChaplain, however I'd like to take point on this new project and potentially more in the future. I'll follow the same format, since it's a nice one. It has come to my attention that we've not had a true writing project in quite some time, and the writer's corner is beginning to fill with cobwebs and dust. CL, it is up to you and I to breathe life back into this tradition of ours.

    Now then, lets discuss what we should have the next writing project over. Some of you might know, but for those who don't, we've had the topics of Horror & Thriller, Sword & Sorcery, Science Fiction, Crime Fiction, and Supernatural Fiction in that order.

    Let's choose the next topic here. Poll(s) will be added in due time as necessary. In the meantime, brainstorm.

    The Project Timeframe: From July 1st - August 15th.

    What we choose to write about next is up to you!

    Now go. Let this tradition come back to life!

  2. #1037112016-06-18 09:04:52Kirn said:

    Hmmm... I think we had discussion about superpowers in one of the previous writing discussion threads. I think DC didn't like it, but I am unsure. I... don't like supers too much myself, but I have to say, stories with them these days can be very diverse, taking on any genre, really... Hmmm... so, I'd say, superpowers are more of a setting that anything else.

  3. #1037122016-06-18 09:07:18Rinneko said:

    Boy am I glad to see this project up and running once again!

    I wouldn't mind romance; it's a classic. How about historical or futuristic, too? Basically beyond the present time period.

  4. #1037132016-06-18 10:29:42Lieutenant said:

    Reading what they typed, made me realize we don't have Romance yet? Probably understandable since it can be too cliche and cheesy and whatnot (and cringy maybe) but I don't see why not we give that one a try. I also like the idea of historical like Rinne said.

  5. #1037202016-06-18 14:13:02Koushiro said:

    Kinda like rinne's suggestions about futuristic. And at last, this is the project I've been waiting for to join. Looking forward to this.

  6. #1037262016-06-18 16:16:47Bavalt said:

    I'm disappointed to have missed the previous ones, considering most of my favorite genres have been covered already. That said, I'm more than happy to offer feedback on anything posted. I might participate myself, though it's largely a matter of what topic is chosen.

    Romance could perhaps be broadened into drama, though I realize the two don't overlap entirely. Just to saturate the topic spectrum with more typical genres, there's also comedy (which would probably be quite challenging), slice of life, sports/hobby fiction, and fairy tales.

  7. #1037502016-06-19 02:38:20--Jack-- said:

    Right now there's Romance, Super Powers, and Futuristic topics. Good, good. Any more? What about ideas on how to expand or maybe even mix some of these?

  8. #1037522016-06-19 03:21:21 *Yugure said:

    Hmm....I am not a writer, but I do want to read/imagine scenarios like:

    • The Main Character not getting a happy ending/experiencing tragedy.

    • Hmm...Super Powers might be fun as well

    • I haven't seen a Mystery genre yet, so might as well (albeit this is gonna be a challenge though)

    Can we have requirements and/or conditions this time around? Like, the main character narrating the story? Because the last stories were stale on the third person view. And reading from a first person's view might change it up a bit, since we are doing this after 2 years. 2 years. Woah. Time just flew so fast...

    EDIT: That, or the writer narrates his/her story based on the genre. In other words, the writer IS the main character of the story.

  9. #1037552016-06-19 05:19:27Rebel said:

    About love and the future not being as cool as we think, it's filled with hopelessness.... so Sad Romance/ futuristic/not the expected ending...

  10. #1037922016-06-20 05:33:57Toku said:

    What about war? We've had sword and sorcery, crime, and the like. War is a bit more open ended, can be modern, medieval.

  11. #1037932016-06-20 06:02:01Kirn said:

    For now, I have voted for supers... mostly, cause we already did futuristic, and romance I am totally bad at. I also think that @Toku's idea might be interesting. War is as diverse setting as supers.

  12. #1037942016-06-20 07:06:24Rinneko said:

    I'm leaning towards historical rather than futuristic at the moment. Science fiction project already went into that territory but historical would go well with war. Mystery was also covered in thriller and crime fiction. I wouldn't mind the main character's having a bad ending or first person narration but that might be a bit predictable and narrow.

    Romance, though. I'm still all for romance.

  13. #1038002016-06-20 10:12:59Ecstasy said:

    @Kirn we did write supernatural that time to compromise somewhat for DC. So it's sort of a covered topic.

    I really want to participate but I probably won't be able to write romance.

  14. #1038872016-06-22 02:14:08 *Bayne said:

    Can anyone participate? Also, where can I find the main thread and poll? Sorry to be the person who asks the stupid questions

  15. #1038892016-06-22 02:36:07CQKumber said:

    no worries muchacho, yeah feel free to join dude the more the merrier, also the poll and shizz're up at the top of this thread

  16. #1039852016-06-24 22:39:20--Jack-- said:

    There's Now a Second Poll under the main post.

    You may notice I've added War, as its come up a couple of times since, and realized the original topic of Futuristic was originally Futuristic or Historical as an optional choice for a topic.

    SO VOTE AGAIN, and the first poll will have some small baring on the final decision, but not if the votes are completely different of course.

    And Remember, if your preferred topic loses, you can still add it to your own story, as long as it fits with the chosen topic! The writing is all on you!

    Tagging Current Thread participants:

    @Lieutenant @Wolfangle @Kirn @Rinneko @Koushiro @Bavalt @Yugure @Rebel @Bayne @CQKumber @Ecstasy @EvoRulz

  17. #1040092016-06-25 00:10:27CQKumber said:

    wasn't so sure about war at first, gave it some thought tho and decided it'd be pretty fun to work with so i'm glad to see it's gaining traction

    so hyped for this to start
  18. #1040192016-06-25 04:14:13Kirn said:

    War... war never changes...

    Actually, I haven't voted for it. Then again, it would be a very familiar theme to take on.

  19. #1040212016-06-25 04:28:50 *Yugure said:

    War... war never changes...


    Oh, I'd be happy to read any theme. As long as it doesn't bore me to the core.

  20. #1040722016-06-26 11:41:51Rinneko said:

    Thanks for the update! It was tough deciding which to vote for but I honestly wouldn't mind writing for any of the current themes.

  21. #1040612016-06-26 02:35:08--Jack-- said:

    I'm really surprised in the sudden interest in war as a topic! Don't get set on one yet, as none of the choices has surpassed the first Poll. The 2nd Poll will remain open until around the end of next week, and afterwards we'll have the topic chosen. Then, for those of you who don't know, we'll have a second thread, outlining the project, the format, submission methods, and you can discuss your progress or ideas there.