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  1. Your "Gay Agenda"

    #1039862016-06-24 22:57:52 *Lycan said:

    This is a thread in which we post our gay (or not so gay) agendas. It's similar to bucket list type of threads, except it's supposed to be humoristic and for fun. :)

    The idea is to declare what you would do if you suddenly acquired something alike to dictatorship over the entire world (or the internet). As a joke. I, for one, would declare Lagomship (lagom is a word for "just enough"-ness ) Meaning that nothing should be done in excess or in poverty (not too much, not too little). The golden middle path, perfect balance. Enjoy fika two times a week. Get fucking wasted every other weekend. Enjoy a good life with individual amounts of personal space. If you don't like poeple standing within three meters of you, then that's cool. Just move away. Also pay taxes.

  2. #1039892016-06-24 23:18:55 *Qarr said:

    I feel like the world is so over rated though. I don't think I'd aim to take care of it cus its a bunch of pussies. Like, aliens haven't invaded this fucking planet for a reason. Especially gay aliens. Like gay aliens don't even give a flying HOOT of what we care about like, we're just homo-sapiens. Fucking homophobic bitches. I feel like there needs to be a presidential campaign for being against gay aliens cus they FUCKING SUCC.

  3. #1040382016-06-25 10:51:06Domo said:

    I support this thread and if i were dictator of the world i'd make it the manifesto of the new world.

  4. #1040852016-06-26 16:01:45momo said:

    On my gay agenda:

    • become gay
    • kiss lycan ;)

    I'm halfway to the first point, i've already got a thing for cute anime boys~

  5. #1050002016-07-14 04:43:18stayingtrue37 said:

    To be truthful, I would be that person taking control of the world but no one knows who I am while I'm literally in front of you. Basically no one knows who the one in control looks like.

    The only thing I would do while in control is taking note of how the word is like and sent a report to my second in charge to find a way to fix problems I find. That and just annoy my second in charge as I have fun and adventures as they do most of the work...