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  1. Discord

    #1040362016-06-25 10:25:03 *Kinnear said:

    Discord is a free-to-use text and voice chat program much like TeamSpeak, Mumble, Ventrilo, etc.

    I've noticed a lot of small Discord servers flying around the site in the past few months, but not many that are readily available to any Colorless members who want access, or manage to retain an active population. The purpose of this server is just that - To act as an unofficial Colorless Discord server that retains the general hierarchy of the forums.

    Any Colorless Admins, Mods and Rangers that join the server will be granted permissions that fit that role. Other staff members will only be recruited in the unlikely event that it's necessary to do so. Mods and Admins (and myself) will also have access to a custom voice channel. Depending on server traffic, Rangers may also have this privilege.

    Current Staff:

    Admin: @Kinnear

  2. #1040392016-06-25 10:52:44Kirn said:

    Strongly against it.

    First of all, as MMO player, I totally hate Discord, and it will never mean the same as TS or Ventrilo. First of all, it tries to be everything from voice-chat to chat to newsfeed, and failing at all. And also, just so you know, that crap-app collects information about what you play. I am not interested it letting it know that.

    But that point actually means nothing here. However, I don't like this idea for same reason I never liked it when people linked fucking tinychat back in the day. Trying to get people join that will take activity off the chat. It's pretty much taking CL userbase and drawing it away from the site. Which is not good, and I can argue that nowadays that's semi-bannable thing. Anyways, there is literally no reason to have chat app to back up site that only has forum and chat.

  3. #1040562016-06-25 17:10:05Kinnear said:

    The text chat aspect on the Discord has no more of an impact on chat activity than the skype groups floating around, and I haven't noticed any different in chat population from that either. It's not meant for that purpose, just as an easier way to reach people that aren't in chat as often, or promote projects on another platform to the people not likely to view it in the forums.

  4. #1040442016-06-25 11:37:35Deftones said:

    Just like I supported tinychat back in the day, I'll support this. It's more fun using your voice, it's easier getting games going if you're all in a discord. I also agree that it takes user activity away from the site, but it's not like we're going anywhere. Discord gives something that cl doesn't.

  5. #1040472016-06-25 13:24:13EvoRulz said:

    Discord is much better than skype, i support this, its push to talk plus they actually listen to the people that message them about what they could tweak, also it comes in black, bruce wayne approves.

  6. #1040592016-06-25 21:09:08Poro said:


    In all honesty it's pretty good. I think discord is great. I do agree with the part of the kirnflame where the "newsfeed" thing is useless. Other than that it's honestly better than both teamspeak and skype. Will have to note about how servers will be paid for in the future because atm discord is running from san fran investor money.

  7. #1040632016-06-26 04:08:17Kirn said:


    Other than that it's honestly better than both teamspeak and skype.

    This is inly half-true, because, you know, everything is better than skype. TS is way better in everything voice-related, from channels setup to the sound quality and settings. And I have whole MMO guilds who tried both programs to back me up on that.

    Will have to note about how servers will be paid for in the future

    Wait, really? If that's true, that just made my day, cause the free part of it is what makes most people go for Discord in the first place. If later one will have to pay for server on this, there will be literally no reason to use it over any pay-for voice chat.

  8. #1053472016-07-23 01:24:18--Jack-- said:

    @Kirn @Poro

    Actually they aren't going to be charging for servers, according to a dev that was on reddit. They'll just be charging for cosmetic things in the future that you otherwise couldn't get for free.

    Personally it would have been nice if it died.

  9. #1040892016-06-26 20:47:35Poro said:


    Oh that's true. For larger communities it might be better to use ts3 still, but I believe the majority of players, who just want to play with friends, have relatively small communities and low tech. For these people, Discord is undeniably the best. Because A) it's free and B) It's accessible and more ergonomic. May change though with the free part. For now the best though.

  10. #1041662016-06-28 18:53:29 *effect said:

    in Neverwinter we changed from TeamSpeak to Discord, the change made it far far more better, and here is few simple reasons why.

    Why Discord?

    (1) Constant contact. Have a question? Ask an officer on here and you can expect a response quickly. Also provides great way to deliver guild news and announcements (2) All-in-1 Suite. Combines Text and Voice options that previously required multiple bloated programs. (3) Cross-platform. Mobile, desktop, and browser! (4) Anyone can join without server or password info (5) Simple, powerful, effective administration (6) Responsive developers that actively fix bugs and add new features. Built by gamers, for gamers. (7) It's the future of gaming communication. Let's be part of it!

  11. #1041672016-06-28 19:32:04effect said:

    just to understand that the colorless chat is a poorly rip off over the DRRR anime,why poorly? because there is no PM feature, text-to-speach feature and other's that could be seen in the anime.

  12. #1046952016-07-08 00:27:51Koushiro said:

    Discord is much better than skype. I tried it and it was awesome, kudos to @Kinnear for teaching me how to use hahahaha. I'm using mobile version of discord and it works pretty well on my android tablet.

  13. #1132602018-02-03 05:37:11Kinnear said:

    Shouldn't have since it was permanent, but I posted a new one in that other thread for you in case discord dun fucked up.