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  1. Fate/Grand Order

    #1041452016-06-28 03:45:09 *SENsei said:

    Another money-sucking mobage™

    Is anyone else pathetically tied down to this game? Gameplay is decent, story is interesting if you're into nasuverse stuff and dank memes, but let's be honest, this is a waifu/husbando game. If you don't play yet, strongly take into consideration if you're dumb enough like me to spend thousands on it. If you're okay with being F2P and not having all the gold waifus, then you should be safe to play. Here's my inventory of Servants, I swear I will NP5 Scathach in this upcoming rate-up.

    btw the gacha is bullshit and should fuck itself

    @Warlock: Ascend and level your servants, you fucking bum.

    @Momimochi: すまない


    Friend list is currently full.

    And I'll just swipe a translation of the story page on the official website.

    2015 AD. The final era, when sorcery still existed.

    Society had been build by human hands, but it was magi who grasped the truth of the world. Sorcery, which governs the skills of past humans that science cannot explain, and science, which gathers the technology of future humanity that sorcery cannot reach. Though the two disciplines are absolutely incompatible, they are similar in just one respect. Whether sorcery or science, the pursuers of both seek continued prosperity. Or in other words, to protect the future of humanity.


    The Chaldea Security Organization. A secret agency founded to prevent the certain extinction of the human race, by observing both the world unseen by sorcery as well as the world immeasurable by science. Researchers from every field, both magical and mundane, were gathered under a single goal: to extend the reign of human history, above all else.

    1950 AD. Phenomenon Recording Cyber-Daemon "LAPLACE" completed.

    1990 AD. Pseudo Global Environment Model "CHALDEAS" completed.

    1999 AD. Near-Future Observation Lens "SHIVA" completed.

    2004 AD. Heroic Spirit Summoning System "FATE" completed.

    2015 AD. Spiritual Computer "TRISMEGISTUS" completed.

    With one promising success after another, Chaldea was able to guarantee the security of human history for the next hundred years.


    However, in 2015...

    Without warning, the future that had been observed by SHIVA vanished. Through calculations, it became clear... or rather, it was proven that humanity would go extinct in 2016.

    Why had this happened? How had it happened? Who was responsible? The researchers of Chaldea were plagued by questions.


    But in the midst of their doubt, SHIVA observed a new anomaly. 2004 AD, Japan, a certain provincial city. An "unobservable region" that hadn't been there before suddenly appeared.

    Assuming that this must be the cause of humanity's extinction, Chaldea decided to utilize the still-untested "sixth experiment". That is, time travel. A forbidden ritual that converts the practitioner into spirit particles and sends them into the past, allowing them to interfere with events to locate and destroy space-time singularities.

    Its name is the quest for the Holy Grail: "Grand Order".

    The name for those who would rise up against human history for the sake of humans, and fight fate itself.

  2. #1041702016-06-28 21:02:17judar said:

    @SENsei holy SHIT i was wondering who else got sucked into this hellpit but wtf how tf did you get Void Shiki and maxed JAlter, Drake and Altera ... holy fuck ...

    i pray every day i roll karna, gil and rama so i can .... finally die .... in peace ....

    s/o to nero+emiya for carrying me to oceanus til i rolled juna


  3. #1041832016-06-29 04:24:52SENsei said:

    @judar JAlter was a roller coaster of emotions. I got to NP3 pretty easily, but then rolled lots of bullshit afterwards when aiming for the last two copies. In the end, gacha trolled me in a good way.


  4. #1042002016-06-29 12:53:30judar said:

    @momimochi i shudder at the thought

    @sensei wow double 5* roll is real who did you sell your soul to tf also HOW have u got no 5* husbands how is this ... possible ... ples dont say u burn them

  5. #1042922016-06-30 15:15:34judar said:

    @sensei i had to look tht up and good LORD dont do this to rama he doesnt deserve it ... hes too pure man ......

    how come the stolfo gets a free pass tho huh?? what makes him special and not my main man rama

  6. #1043492016-07-01 13:54:30judar said:

    @sensei omfg dont astolfo is sweet pure rider keep him for the cute animations at least and d'eon is actually pretty useful esp with jeanne and mashu team for ULTIMATE AVOIDANCE

    i cant believ u keep trash like boudica and mata hari tho and u dont level mashu sen .... mashumellow looks up 2 u dont play her like this

  7. #1041742016-06-28 22:20:50Warlock said:

    Really an addicting and fun game. I keep praying I'll get a 5 star servant from the gacha though. These past few months on gacha have been rough. Someday I'll roll a Tamamo... Someday...

  8. #1041822016-06-29 03:19:54Teil said:

    I too am addicted to this bullshit. I've been playing since the first week it came out but I haven't been the most loyal so my servants are pretty much 6 months behind what they would've been if I kept letting it control my life. Gacha refused to notice me until Christmas where I got my first gold servants, including Gil my first 5*. Ever since then Gacha hasn't been too mean to me. Pics of my squad later maybe. Help

  9. #1078292016-11-02 18:27:21judar said:

    what the actual fuck is this studio and who lets takeuchi keep making the art when they could hire literally anyone else nasu noses syndrome makes me want to die

  10. #1079702016-11-11 08:24:28 *Kuroba_Loki said:


    i lost my account and i have no friends


    can anyone look for my account??

    It's named jean that's color dark blue

    with kuro as it's main assist

    saber = nero bride

    archer= kid gil

    lancer = diarmuid

    rider = medusa

    caster = illya

    assassin = serenity hassan

    berserker = kiyohime

    i dunno my friend number, as well as the color of my name, i forgot


  11. #1087322017-01-10 00:47:58 *Dane said:

    Started playing again. Got on my main account plus a new account to mess around on.

    Only character I wanted on my main during the event was scath. I wasted like 100 sq including a lot of painful grinding and didn't her.

    But of course I started using tickets on my side account and http://i.imgur.com/CzVoHMrh.jpg Lol ok.

    Got on today for the daily bonuses and noticed musashi was back, after 10 or so tickets.



    Maybe 20 more.



    Getting some godly rolls on this account, too bad I'm already invested in my main. Still got 703 sq left too. xd

    Servants so far. http://i.imgur.com/BkAOrcI.jpg

  12. #1087412017-01-10 22:04:43judar said:

    @parkam RIGHT i was so glad i got merlin i wanted him sm after garden of avalon and BEST GIRL SHIKI

    angra is my favorite lil texture glitch i havent seen @teil in 12 years since he went to get milk from the store, i miss him

  13. #1087422017-01-10 22:28:05Dane said:

    @judar omg he left just like my dad... wait he is my dad. Shit. Hope I roll angra soon too. My FP rolls are so bad rn to the point that I wasn't able to np5 hans with the 250k on my side account..

  14. #1087492017-01-12 06:54:47Dane said:

    About 160 quartz :( he's supposed to be broken tho.




    Just another servant that'll never get ascended. Welp

  15. #1087592017-01-12 22:04:57Dane said:

    @judar I will throw away some quartz today in memory of you and your failed rolls. A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR ALL THE QUARTZ LOST. ....k dw. if you ever somehow lose your account, (bless your soul hopefully it doesn't ever happen) you can have my account then ayyy you'll have Hassan at least.

    Or you could change race until fgo takes a liking to you shrugs

  16. #1123672017-11-15 05:34:21 *Warlock said:

    Got a Tamamo NP2 and Altera last month. FIgured I'd remind other FGO NA players of this thread.

    Currently the GudaGuda event is ongoing for this month to get Oda Nobunaga.

  17. #1123682017-11-15 06:31:13Dane said:

    @Warlock I AINT GET SHIT FROM THIS EVENT. I've played through the story countless times so whenever I try to grind for quartz I give up after 1 stage cause it's so boring. LOL STILL, I WANT WHATS HER NAME OKITA