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  1. #1041662016-06-28 18:53:29 *effect said:

    in Neverwinter we changed from TeamSpeak to Discord, the change made it far far more better, and here is few simple reasons why.

    Why Discord?

    (1) Constant contact. Have a question? Ask an officer on here and you can expect a response quickly. Also provides great way to deliver guild news and announcements (2) All-in-1 Suite. Combines Text and Voice options that previously required multiple bloated programs. (3) Cross-platform. Mobile, desktop, and browser! (4) Anyone can join without server or password info (5) Simple, powerful, effective administration (6) Responsive developers that actively fix bugs and add new features. Built by gamers, for gamers. (7) It's the future of gaming communication. Let's be part of it!