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  1. Vaping: Yae or Nae?

    #1042012016-06-29 13:40:43 *MarkovAlgeroth said:

    Vaping, We've all seen it. Some of us vape, some of us abstain for one reason or another. But my question is To Vape, Or Not To Vape?

    Let's start by asking 'what is vaping?'. Vaping is to use an inhalant drug that has been vaporized by a small electronic device, hence, 'vaping'. The chemicals within Vape Pens (a form of E-cigarette) can vary, but normally contain propelyne glycol or vegetable glycerine. Many of them also contain a butt ton of nicotine.

    Are they addictive? Definitely. The addictivity can vary with the potency and volume of chemicals present, but generally they are addictive. This is easily explainable with the Vape Pens that contain nicotine, but even if they do not the other chemicals, or just habit, can cause addiction.

    Is it harmful? Fuck if I know. This is partly because there have been no conclusive scientific studies that can tell if it's harmful to vape. So at this point, we're kind of in the dark. If it makes people happy and nothing else, then that's just dandy. If it is also slowly killing people who vape, then it may as well be the next tobacco.

    CL, what is your view on Vaping? Do you vape, or no? What are your reasons for yae or nae? Is vaping harmless fun, or would we be better off without?

    FOOTNOTE: Lieutenant has linked an article that says that Vaping WILL cause cell death, whether nicotine is included or not. Please take this into account when you state your opinion.

  2. #1042032016-06-29 13:53:43EvoRulz said:

    i'm not into it but at least it gets rid of passive smoking and a bunch of harmful things in cigarette smoke (i assume)

  3. #1042892016-06-30 14:26:22Lieutenant said:

    @Noodle They emphasized that even if e-cig is safer than tobacco, it's not completely 'free risk', which is more encouraging to stop smoking both either way completely. They also said it's also other things than nicotine (depending the amount of it) like the other chemicals conatining in it stated in the article.

    They do say that they're still studying on this, though, true that it's a custom cig that people can do with it, though it's just advisable to stop.

    Well not like I smoke tobacco and e-cig, I know my father did but he stopped now ) seems that everything in our lives turn digital now, even smoking.

  4. #1042142016-06-29 17:19:32 *Wolfangle said:


    As someone who vapes (not currently tho), I don't think you could put the weight of "Death by vaping" to a single article. True you can buy your preferred flavored e-juice (the liquid that causes the vapor), but then again there are more options than just that. E-juices go from pg to vg. Personally speaking, I go for E-Juices with a high vg percentage to make sure it's all natural and good. Most of these e-juices can be made at home with various cooking products.

    VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. It is a natural chemical, derived from vegetable oil, so is safe for vegetarians.


    PG stands for Propylene Glycol, a petroleum by-product. The fluid has no odor or color, and is less viscous than VG.

    Now on the topic about drugs & chemicals. Yes, people can include nicotine, tobacco, or no drugs if preferred. But the chemicals inhaled from these are greatly decreased. Not sure about tobacco, but nicotine goes from about 7,000-8,000 chemicals in a regular cig. To around just 6-9 (heh, 69 oooooo) in a vape. Plus depending on how you inhale it can mean a lot too on how much chemicals you get. And even if, most of those chemicals will be from the vg or food products used in the e-juice. Flavoring, coloring, ect

    Either way, i view it as a safer way to smoke without feeling bad or unhealthy about it. And even better that i'm not hurting the environment from it. And I don't include nicotine/tobacco when I use it . Can it cause death? Not sure, some people are allergic to odd things. People use different setups which might cause different reactions. The e-cgis that look like actual cigs are soo ugly that it might cause instant death upon sight, ect. @Kinnear might have more to add to this subject.

    EDIT: Also, it's not addicting.... Yea, idk where you got that idea from. But it's not something that causes an addiction unless that's your own personal addiction like anything could be.

    @MarkovAlgeroth On a side note, if you want to make a reply, click on the date of the post instead of making a new one.

    http://i.imgur.com/BYTomzb.png No he's not serious & yes it is a painful video.

  5. #1042172016-06-29 19:22:06--Jack-- said:

    I don't see why 3 different people flagged this thread. It has tags, a discussion topic, and isn't inappropriate... so no.

  6. #1042262016-06-29 22:37:27Kinnear said:

    I agree with Wolfy's post on more or less all points. I vape (Not actively, just when the mood hits, and with no nicotine). I support it largely because it's a safer alternative to smoking and often used as an effective means to quit nicotine altogether. Although I haven't done extensive research on the topic, the personal experiences of many of my peers and those in my community point to it as a highly efficient means of lowering ones nicotine intake. It also causes much less throat irritation (Obviously, since it's vapor and not smoke).

    Ragarding the PG and VG that Wolfy mentioned, it's also worth noting that the vast majority of people who do vape opt for very high VG, usually 70-80%.

  7. #1042832016-06-30 13:08:59Rinneko said:

    Beyond the chemical danger, there is an interesting correlation between the increase in the use of e-cigarettes amongst young adults and increase in calls to poison control centers related to exposures to nicotine-containing e-liquids and accidental e-cigarette poisonings.

    The e-cigarette cartridges and e-liquid bottles are not equipped with child-resistant caps, and often leak, creating a poisoning risk by ingestion or by skin or eye contact. Adults have also mistakenly used e-liquid in harmful ways, such as eye drops, and have been harmed by exploding cartridges.

    I'm not one to have an opinion on vaping because unsurprisingly, it's illegal over here.

  8. #1042902016-06-30 14:46:36Wolfangle said:

    @Rinneko Well on that point I actually do agree on. I've noticed that e-juices without a high vg percentages or ones with complicated flavors have chemical like tastes when taken raw.

    IE: My last blueberry e-juice tasted fine & safe, raw (sometimes the vaporizer will leak if not fully tightened). But my quote on quote "light pear, bright peach, smooth vanilla, and light cinnamon" mix had the raw taste of something like cologne (i got curious that time) Also not sure if that one's a high vg or pg mix.

    As far as the thing with young adult & teens, I do feel like they should put an age limit on it for now. Not everyone knows what a vaporizer is & might confused it with an actual cig. So for now, due to the views young people might get using one, i feel as tho there should be an age to use one at.

  9. #1046022016-07-06 14:46:21momo said:

    I'm still on the fence as E-Liquids aren't terribly strictly regulated or tested in the US, as the FDA hasn't yet had the time to work out the laws and requirements necessary to regulate them. Because of this, and the lack of long-term evidence, it is entirely possible that vaping is quite bad for you. A similar situation cropped up with smoking, as after 10-20 years we began to realize how much the act of smoking increased your chances of cancer.

    Once we have more info, then I might change my mind, but for now I'm a bit too wary to vape.

    also I didn't already have a nicotine dependency so like I have no reason to even start

  10. #1109692017-06-03 17:13:05Kirn said:

    E-cigs are for pussies. If you want to smoke - smoke real fucking cigarettes like a real person. And be proud to smoke, in spite of all those headless idiots who suddenly found out that cigs are bad for you.

    You are fucked anyways. If you have time to worry about harmful substances - stop eating and drinking water altogether right now. Or light up and die free and happy.

  11. #1109712017-06-03 18:31:02DarkChaplain said:

    I'd say they're fine. My mother's currently getting off of cigarettes and nicotin and those things are a blessing for that. Getting her off gradually while still allowing her to have her smoking motions and habits. The goal is to get off of those too before long, but for the transition they're great.

    A bonus is that I don't get headaches from that shit either just by being in the same room. So yay for that.

    As far as habits and substances go, there are worse things than shit that has no nicotin and tastes/smells like bubblegum or vanilla or whatever the hell they produce now. Not a bad thing by any means and it keeps the apartment from smelling badly or the wallpaper to turn yellow. No lung cancer is also great, obviously.

  12. #1109732017-06-03 20:30:58Cloud-VK said:

    Based on my time in the gym, I’d say people who vape don’t get tired out as easily as people who smoke. Of course that could all be in my head.