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  1. CL Short Story Project 6: Love and War

    #1043242016-06-30 23:10:18 *--Jack-- said:

    This thread is a follow up to:

    Format, Topic, and Restrictions

    Since both polls favoured two things specifically that can also be mixed with one another, this Project's topic is going to have a bit of a spectrum of choice to it. You will be choosing aspects of Romance and/or War in your story. Ideally, you can have both in your story, but if you feel like you'd rather write about just one of the two that's allowed as well. Love stories and War stories both have the potential of a lot of drama and dramatic events occurring. War stories are usually focused more on the harshness of the outside world and other large struggles, while Romance novels and love itself involves more internal and socially intimate conflict, if there even is any conflict at all. Use this contrast to help write or intertwine the ideas.

    The Approved Format

    • Aim to have a word limit around 2000 to 8000. Its okay if you come up short or overshoot by a little, especially if you're participating for the first time.
    • Don't bother with fancy fonts or line spacing, I'll just end up making the entire Anthology a single font and space!
    • Your story should be your own. That means no fan fiction, or tie-in fiction to existing stories or media (unless they are your own). You have to be original.
    • Please Save your written work in Rich Text Format (.RTF)before finalizing it and submitting it to me. See the below image:

    And a standard NSFW Rule:

    The following Not Safe for Work Restrictions apply:

    There may be no purely sexual scenes in your story. While your story may have sexual aspects, taking it too far will have you disqualified. Tasteless smut will not be tolerated! You can get away with implying a scene like this, if it furthers the plot and does not become excessive. Remember that we have younger users on here!

    Submitting Your Story

    Once you feel that you're finished, you can send me the .rtf file directly on skype, although you and I both have to be online at the same time for that to work. I recommend using Mediafire or DropBox to upload your file and then you can send me a link to download it myself. That method is really the more easier of the two.

    Project Schedule

    You have from now (June 30th) until August 15th to submit your story.

    Now get to writing! And good luck!

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  2. #1043262016-06-30 23:12:05 *Yugure said:


    Uh...speaking of, who are going to participate?

    Just post your name right in this thread.

  3. #1043312016-07-01 03:08:48Kirn said:

    @--Jack-- hmmm.... I guess I will participate. Romance is not my thing, but I do know something about war, so I guess I can try for that and see how it goes.

  4. #1043482016-07-01 13:01:57Bavalt said:

    My participation is contingent on whether or not I can come up with any interesting story ideas. If anything comes to mind, I'll let you know. Whether I write or not, though, I'm more than willing to offer feedback on everyone else's stories.

  5. #1044632016-07-04 01:22:10effect said:

    my story goes this was, it was me and her, we had our civil war, she died, the end.

    one of the best stories :p

  6. #1050082016-07-14 08:45:34 *--Jack-- said:

    Where are you guys in terms of ideas?

    It's been a few days, so share something you've thought over, decided to use, or even something you got rid of during your planning and/or writing. It doesn't have to be too much if you want to keep parts of your story a secret, but let us know where you're at right now with your story.

    Tagging listed participants:
    @CQKumber @Lieutenant @Ecstasy @Kirn @Rebel @Rinneko @EvoRulz @Bavalt
  7. #1050092016-07-14 08:52:57CQKumber said:

    i'd gotten a decent bit done before i decided to scrap it the other day and start over, this time using that chart jack linked to actually put a plot together first rather than just diving into the writing headfirst like i always do

    currently trying to figure out how the ending's gonna go, was coasting along til i noticed a couple plotholes i haven't gotten around to fixing just yet

  8. #1050112016-07-14 10:51:44Bavalt said:

    I've got the basic structure of my story worked out and am in the process of padding it out with character-building aspects. I haven't started the writing yet; I like to plan quite thoroughly before I actually get down to it.

  9. #1050132016-07-14 11:33:19Lieutenant said:

    @Kirn has been teaching me bunch of stuffs about writing, especially the flow of the story, guy has a lot of idea and believe me you do not want this guy to be your teacher. Other than that, I've outlined the general story flow from this result and I just need to start to take my ass off the bed and write.

  10. #1050212016-07-14 14:36:04Yugure said:

    Uh. Seems like we had a misunderstanding here. I am not going to write. I'm not creative nor realistic enough to submit a story, let alone create one.

    However, I'm all ears to you guys if want some feedback to your story. But then again, you are better off asking other experienced people in regards to this. I'm a bit of the last resort, you see.

    Still, I'm looking forward to read everything.

  11. #1050282016-07-14 19:44:00Kirn said:

    @Lieutenant you totally exaggerate. I don't give that many ideas... and I am not that horrible. Wait, no, I am. Nevermind.
    Anyhow, I do have some thoughts... I have a more or less decent grasp on the setting... But I am yet to really see it all, and see what conclusion I want to get to from the start. So.. mostly just playing around with concepts now.

  12. #1050652016-07-15 17:40:38Rinneko said:

    At the moment, I want to write about an internal war. It might be a physical war, with heavy focus on internal conflicts, or it might incorporate love.

  13. #1051252016-07-17 00:23:12Ecstasy said:

    I have two pages of text with the story not going anywhere, so all good.

    also goddamit, Jack, from all the people you would be the one to misspell my username

  14. #1052202016-07-19 10:15:40Qarr said:

    I wrote my ending first, which ended at about 3 pages, but then I realized I have no idea how to properly write a military fiction since I know literally nothing about the military, so its just sitting on my computer as I'm probably going to scrap it.

    At this point in time I've restarted, and have decided to write, either a collection of journal entries, or a series of letters between two lovers during war time. Would that count as a short story idea?

  15. #1052452016-07-20 05:32:03Bayne said:

    Struggling a bit, since I have very little experience with love and / or war. Right now I haven't made much progress, as in I've scrapped my story and started again (was half finished)

  16. #1054122016-07-25 06:20:18Bayne said:

    I'm not sure why, but I've lost my motivation to finish my story. It doesn't feel enjoyable now, just a chore I'd rather not do. Sorry, I'm out

  17. #1054162016-07-25 08:56:58--Jack-- said:

    @Bayne Thats alright. I struggle with the motivation to write sometimes too. Maybe try writing something for yourself on your own time anyway. Deadlines can make writing seem awful sometimes.

    Also sorry for getting your name wrong @Ecstasy I'm surprised I did it twice in a row!

  18. #1058432016-08-07 08:02:05Rinneko said:

    Thanks for the reminder, Jack :') Strangely enough, I've written the ending of my story and now I'm working on the rest.

  19. #1058342016-08-06 17:58:07Kirn said:

    So yean, I am pretty sure I finish my story tomorrow... After that I will work on proof-reading that thing, so expect it on 13th or 14th I guess.

  20. #1061992016-08-16 09:15:40 *--Jack-- said:

    It is time

    But not to worry, as of now I've only gotten 3 submissions, and a couple deadline extension requests. So really just do your best and get it to me some time in the near future. I've got a lot on my schedule at the moment (school, jury duty, gift planning) anyway, so don't worry.