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  1. The Daily Buzz [Forum Game]

    #1045372016-07-05 03:17:35 *EvoRulz said:

    Welcome to the Daily Buzz

    inspired by @--Jack-- !

    So the idea for this thread is that you should post your actual or fictional comedic headline or article!

    If you can't think of a headline there are some people who specialize in dubbing hilarious names for your articles

    Btw your article DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PROFESH BRO i was just sounding fancy and shtuff cause i'm awesome like that (narc badge plos <3)

  2. #1045832016-07-06 07:11:05EvoRulz said:

    Here's something to make a headline for: @EvoRulz struggles to set up the daily buzz thread so that other users know how to participate, meanwhile @--Jack-- has gone straight to the headline part of it it seems. Evo makes a poor attempt to give users some material to make a headline for, and if unsucessful will be forced to post a better description for the thread sooner than he might have wanted.

  3. #1045842016-07-06 07:15:36 *EvoRulz said:

    Here's something that gave me the idea to make this thread in the first place that you can make a headline for: User gets caught by his girlfriend's parents while climbing into her second story window to deliever icecream

  4. #1046042016-07-06 15:16:37Kinnear said:

    I think the only issue with this thread is that everyone's going to want to post headlines, but not write descriptions of random events. xD

    A fairly short woman on the run from the law for holding up a food truck last tuesday was apprehended today after an attempt to zipline across the giraffe enclosure at the zoo today. One of the giraffes bit the line, causing the woman to collide with its head and plummet 12 feet into the oasis below.