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  1. What Do You Define Yourself As? [Poll]

    #1047912016-07-09 16:41:46 *Qarr said:

    What do you define yourself as?

    I've(not really me but hell) narrowed the human race down to 4 categories that you guys may choose from, and I'm curious as to which you guys are and why?

    I'm disclosing the names and brief definitions of these categories if you weren't previously aware of what they were, or what their characteristics are.

    • Idealism

    The attitude of a person who believes that it is possible to live according to very high standards of behavior and honesty.


    Positive Traits: Ability to coalesce ideals, Cheerful, Finds new ways of doing things, Makes a positive mark in the world, Sees the bright side of life, Sees the world as how it "should" be,

    Negative Traits: False expectations, Greatly disappointed, Out of touch with real world, Naive, Pie in the sky, Unrealistic outlook

    • Optimistic

    Believing that good things will happen in the future : a feeling or belief that what you hope for will happen.


    Positive Traits: Rarely gets down, sees the best in people, trusting, well adjusted, happy, has high expectations.

    Negative Traits: Naive, gullible, easily disappointed and let down, their outlook hinges on idealism, tends to overlook the true nature of people, easily persuaded.

    • Pessimism

    Tending to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen.


    Positive Traits: Anticipate problems in time to solve them, apprehensive, Not easily fooled, rarely disappointed, tends to see peoples true natures, are the ones to facilitate the level of quality and change.

    Negative Traits: Easily depressed, Lacks hope, sees the worst in people, bleak, cynical, distrustful, hard to form relationships with at first.

    • Realism

    The attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly.

    Traits: Positive Traits: Clear-headed, Gets the big-picture, Grounded, Non-judgmental, Objective, Sees both sides of things, Sees the world as it really is, Sorts out fact from fiction

    Negative Traits: Biased, Jumps to conclusions with insufficient facts, Struggles with choices, Subjective, Supposition, Won't see point of view of others.

    That's all for now, do tell if I missed any you think deserve to be on this poll.

  2. #1047972016-07-09 18:18:39Bavalt said:

    I can relate to most of them, though in terms of outward behaviour, I'm far more in line with the optimist/idealist side of the spectrum.

    Really, though, I'm a nihilist and a formalist. In the end, I don't make a big fuss about practical matters, not because I'm optimistic about them, but because I just kind of forget to worry about them while I drift around thinking about other things. I'm the guy who, if asked whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, feels compelled to point out that if it's one, it's necessarily the other as well. Technically right, but missing the original point entirely, because I focus more on how the situation is structured than the actual topic.

  3. #1048042016-07-09 21:50:19nanoyaro said:

    i chose realism because the negative traits is really suit me. but when i read the positive ones ... ouch, maybe i made a wrong decision of me.

  4. #1048062016-07-09 22:12:15 *Enami said:

    I think Idealism/Cynicism (including cynicism despite it not being included in the poll because it belongs with idealism the same way pessisism does with optimism) are different concepts from Optimism/Pessimism/Realism, albeit a bit similar, the first category focuses on a person's expectations concerning situations and life while the second one is more about their beliefs when it comes to human nature.

  5. #1048152016-07-10 02:35:50Qarr said:

    As you avoid the question yourself, @Taro_Tanako~ But really, I'm probably a realist followed closely by optimist. But then again I'm horrible at judging myself so don't take anything I say too seriously XD

  6. #1048292016-07-10 08:54:28Taro_Tanako said:

    You got me @Qarr!!

    Despite disliking overly broad classifications, I would say I am a realist. However, I am very positive so some hints of optimist too as I always try to see the best in people and hope for good things..but plan for bad.

  7. #1101932017-04-22 20:59:00 *ccc said:

    Realistic , Optimistic ,and Idealistic for the most part .On the outside I magnify that I am all these three , but I'm really pessimistic at heart , I often joke about something going wrong and everybody has a laugh

    Mainly I'm a huge pessimist , it's odd but it actually helps where I'm ok if something goes wrong

    I remember when I was 13 I asked my art teacher " why do we celebrate Birthdays if we are a year closer to death " so then she replied with something along the lines of " because you get to live , why are you so pessimistic ?"

    @Qarr ,But "ay that just me "