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  1. The Poetry Club

    #1049832016-07-13 21:33:00 *Wolfangle said:

    Welcome to The Colorless Poetry Club,

    In light of Qarr's "Voice Meme" I thought I'd read out my old poetry to use as a post. But It'd be even cooler to post that here & see what the many of you have to share for your own poetry. I know there are a few of you here with great writing talents.

    So basically just post your poetry readings of your own work, or even post the poem itself. Here is some of mine.

    Poems listed by member:

  2. #1050052016-07-14 05:38:35 *Kinnear said:

    @Bavalt wrote a poem in like junior high that got published as part of a contest or something. Was pretty awesome, I'm pretty sure I still remember the whole thing.

  3. #1051082016-07-16 13:14:08 *Rinneko said:

    I liked Solitude, @Wolfangle. It was relatable and the emotion you put into reading it made it even better.

    Casually pinging @Sheep to this thread since she writes poetry regularly!

  4. #1053382016-07-22 10:16:57 *Wolfangle said:


    The ever so changing waves of the galaxy’s stars call to me. Like the breath of the wind in an endless ocean of darkness and centric patterns that glisten within me. These stars were lit since creation itself. And each star, each one of them had a role to play in this ever changing environment. But that didn’t make them perfect. Some died out and some couldn’t handle the shit that these planets wanted from us and blew up. These stars are hearts. And these hearts are mine and everyone else's. They say god made all of us for a purpose, but how can we believe that with so many disrupted stars in the universe.

    Im not entirely sure what i was going for here.

    On a side note, her poetry starts at 0:40

  5. #1060962016-08-13 03:58:24 *Wolfangle said:

    "Men of profound sorrow give themselves away when they are happy: they have a way of grasping happiness as if they wanted to crush and smother it, from jealousy - alas, they know too well that it will flee away."

    Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

    This quote is too beautiful. My favorite now.

  6. #1061112016-08-13 05:56:09 *Wolfangle said:

    I think every now & then I'll just try to make a poem on the spot. Maybe like 15-20 minutes for each just to train myself.

    My Potent Wish

    A part of me is missing. Lost in the changing tides, I have to deal with it. Spitting rhymes, and I am trying to get it over with. I felt alive, once, but then i choked and spit. Lives felt lifted and i felt the potent weight, a secret thought upon the wake. Overloaded, but i'm overcoming what I thought was it. This rhyme isn't that good enough, I felt the cold on my polar wait.

    But I am changing, I have to bloom from my existence. Go away from the fiends and all the shitty people we deal with. A life without love can't see the face of God and get his wish. I live a life eternal just to make myself, I'm proud of it. Flowers wake to see the bees that drift around and cure diseases. Flowers can make green, earl, black, and chai tea. And if i had a love, she'd smile, smell the flowers, and tell me deeply, how everyday she fucking love the thought of me.

  7. #1096892017-03-23 18:52:38ccc said:

    The times

    Sure I know that we'll get older

    Further farther I'll need some closure

    From all these things I see on posters

    Everywhere everywhere

    Sure it might be a comment

    Still feel the weight that's on it

    Maybe there's a way around

    Every word every word

    Sometimes I look back and see

    Leaves are greener on new trees

    Getting older

    Feel the breeze

    Fall is near fall is near

  8. #1097952017-03-29 05:10:50Wolfangle said:

    Will you be mine and never walk away with an awful gaze.

    I'll try so hard to paint a world where we can stay and laugh all day.

    Or you and I can realize that the world fond of all this love.. Cause

    That's all we really need here.

    I'm so tired of these placements.

    You either be cliche or face the shame.

    A totally unimaginative system of finding true love in the world today.

    Drastically unattractive.

    The pain of finding mutual hearts.

    With the weight of bricks, judging our picks, swiping left on our tinder dates.

    The faint bliss of seeing you.

    But noticing it was all a waste of time.

  9. #1099492017-04-08 08:13:14piggu said:

    pizza nuts

    by piggu the modern ecchi shakespeare

    you are focusing on my gaze

    and mine? on the donut glaze

    I glaze my stomach, bust a nut

    now i want pizza, from pizza hut

    I wanna gain that mass like Jabba

    a different fat fuck, but still the size of a hut

    but i don't have enough of that Pappa-

    bless, though i got #THICC dick (bby pay me to fuck ;3)

    so ok, i digress and i must confess

    that this didn't entirely happen -- because let's face it -- most of it was fiction

    but it IS true that I indeed left a big fat white mess

    it might've been the sailor moon hentai, and the vigorous friction :DD

  10. #1110512017-06-07 19:58:58 *Wolfangle said:

    My life only exists at night. When the world is quiet & nothing else matters. The streets are empty and patience is full. I only lay awake to see what’s unfold, the mind and my matters.. I think about how my life will unfold.. What I’m getting at is that no one really tends to worry at this time. It’s 4:04am, and my only error is how ill start the day tomorrow.

    The only peaceful part of my day is night.

    So please, only consider me a dream for the time I’m awake. And live as if it’s a dream. Let your body run & endure. Let your goosebumps rise, let a stranger compliment you. Stand on your toes and reach for the skies. Read my shitty poem and open your doors. Just like tonight, i hope you hold grip & grasp hold of your world.

  11. #1110562017-06-08 08:27:37Wolfangle said:

    Emotions and extortion, feelings that lack our courage. The fortune of a man. Yet what he does with it is inexplicable to hue, man kind. Reason to reasons, we want peace but we don’t deserve it. The future is uncertain, but with you i think it’s worth it. The future seems blue, but with you we can turn it. And whatever gets to you on the earth, we’ll turn around and burn it. Throw our firsts against the ground, reimburse of will & curse it. I vow to be with you on a paradise that’s worth it. And create days when sunsets aren’t as bad as the stuff that pollutes it.

  12. #1113142017-06-30 06:39:57Wolfangle said:

    @Deftones wanted to see my poem, so here's half of it.

    You are my super nova. The rays of light that fill my galaxy. Blasting back and forth to what I understand is are your thoughts reflecting everything. I'm lost beyond your image and lost beyond yours stars. You would call me your little sunshine, but to me you over power art. You're the centric sentimental sight of everything. Filling hearts with joy once they find you, more than anything. Like a rose without its thorns, you're an exquisite type of force. The type of soul to have no end, as you drift beyond the colossal parts... of space.

    And for real you are amazing

    Day or night you collaborate with the stars and constellations. And facing challenges you would overcome in fancy ways. Like the explosion of a planet, form a death ray, kill the human race.. Wait now I'm just thinking of Star Wars.. Hmmm

    But let's be honest, beauty isn't your one whole factor. You're an abstract mess, but to me, you're like no other. As Reiner looks above he sees his super human master. She has the art skills of a wizard, and the voice of a disaster. Wait no.. She has the voice of a master. But saying master after already saying master turns this poem into a disaster...