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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1051592016-07-17 15:59:41 *Kirn said:

    This game is a very curious one. It's a combination of 3D action game and a top-down shooter. Hmmm... no, that doesn't sound right. Let me think.... This game feels like a a child of an angry rape between bullet hell game mechanics and quick time event game mechanics. And it was a mutual rape, like, both sides fucked each other long and hard, and in the end noone could figure who ended up on top, and some time later they had a cute little bloodthirsty baby, that is this game.

    You think I over-exaggerate?..

    Well, I really don't. You see, this game is... very short, actually. If you do everything perfectly, you probably finish it within an hour, watching all cutscenes. Thing is, you will not do everything perfectly, because this game is hell. It has nothing except for boss fights, and it's deliberately difficult.

    Story is both simple and hard at the same time. You are a prisoner in something that seems to be an extremely elaborate prison. One day you are released by a mysterious bunny person (no, I am not on drugs), and told to escape, to kill every jailer and go back to the world. So you do. And... that's pretty much what you get for all the game. All information you get is from the words of your jailers before/during/after fights, and also from the comments of the teleporting, gravity-defying mysterious bunny person (no, I am not on drugs, really).
    Game actually doesn't even tell you your name until the final part, and you don't get the names of the bosses you killed till you see the credits. Final part, though, makes up for all the lack of information, making a pretty clear explanation of what's going on. Also, there are basically 3 endings - mid-game ending, and also bad and good endings at the final stage.

    But what you will care more for is the bosses. The gameplay. They are one and the same. You only get a bit of a backstory to every boss, but that will help you get a feel for them. And trust me, you will spend enough time with them, while they be kicking your ass, to start really caring for them.
    Now, gameplay is generally similar in all fights (with some exceptions). You start in the big arena, fighting against the boss. You can shoot at it, or try to close distance and attack with sword. They will also try to shoot or melee you. Shooting attacks you either dodge or shoot down, and melee attacks you have to parry, which requires quite good reaction. After you damage boss enough in that stage, you go into more of a melee fight, where you can't shoot, and arena is much smaller. There you work hard on staying alive and damaging your opponent, until it loses a "life". After which you go again, because every boss has a few lives, and each of those changes their mechanics to some extent. Meaning, after you feel comfortable in first boss stage, you will probably get raped in the second.
    Last stage of the boss is usually a pure bullet hell, which you have to survive to land the final slash.

    Between the fights, you just walk from one boss to the other, listening to your bunny friend. And... that's pretty much the whole game. Which doesn't sound like much, but this game is a lot, trust me. Cutscenes are beautiful, landscapes are bizarre, and bosses are both extremely hard and extremely memorable. If you want a brutal sword-wielding challenge, concentrated to the max - this is for you.

    Oh, and I am writing all that after beating the game in normal more. I don't even want to think about what will happen if I decide to try it on actual hard.