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  1. DURARARA!! RP Group

    #1051762016-07-18 01:30:23 *SturlusonCelty said:

    Looking for DURARARA!! RPers to join my group. All other spots are open.

    • Celty Sturluson: TAKEN BY ME
    • Shinra Kishitani: OPEN
    • Shizuo Heiwajima: OPEN
    • Kasuka Heiwajima: OPEN
    • Izaya Orihara: OPEN
    • Mikado Ryugamine: OPEN
    • Masaomi Kida: TAKEN BY @EvoRulz
    • Saki Mikajima:OPEN
    • Anri Sonohara: OPEN
    • Aoba Kuronuma: OPEN
    • Kyohei Kadota: OPEN
    • Saburo Togusa: OPEN
    • Walker Yumasaki: OPEN
    • Erika Karisawa: OPEN
    • Chikage Rokujo: OPEN
    • Kururi Orihara: OPEN
    • Mairu Orihara: OPEN
    • Ruri Hijiribe: OPEN
    • Shingen Kishitani: OPEN
    • Namie Yagiri: OPEN
    • Seiji Yagiri: OPEN
    • Mika Harima: OPEN
    • Tom Tanaka: OPEN

    DURARARA!! RP Group

  2. #1051792016-07-18 03:54:26 *--Jack-- said:

    @SturlusonCelty I've taken the liberty of formatting your main post and adding tags. We always add tags to threads here on CL, by the way. For info on formatting thread posts, feel free to check out this thread. To see what's been changed you can enter the editing menu of your thread.

    I honestly don't think a lot of users here are very into RPing, but chat has its own feature for being in the /main/ channel (By Default), being the /ru/ channel for Russian speakers, and the ability to make a new channel (which could be preferrable for RPing).

    And of course, welcome to CL.

  3. #1052562016-07-20 15:59:28SturlusonCelty said:

    @MrTrain If you want to be that weirdo, then you Can I guess. ^^' I had to look him up because I am bad with names.

    @EvoRulz @stayingtrue37 Okay. Cool. Please message me a RP sample so I can know whether you like scrip or descriptive or can RP both. I RP both though mainly do script. And I guess you can be both till I find a Kururi.