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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1052552016-07-20 15:43:00Kirn said:

    Elvis and Nixon (2016)

    This movie is about pretty much one day - when Elvis met with Nixon, and they took a picture, and apparently, everybody was very happy about it. This happened before complete recording of such things became mandatory, so details of the meeting are kinda still semi-secret. Making this a fiction about a true, but quite vague historical event.
    So, apparently, it is true. The King - Elvis Presley himself - one day just went to Nixon, asking for a federal badge. Weird, right? I myself had no idea that even happened. I mean, just thinking that Elvis - being most famous entertainer of USA - and Nixon - being most famous stuck-up asshole of USA - actually met and agreed on something and had a picture. Holy hell...
    How true? Well, noone can say for sure. Except for Jerry Schilling, who is represented in the movie, and who is alive and was participating in the production. Here is article about his account of the events. So, movie is a comedy, and it does what it does to poke fun at things, to entertain us. However, some similarities, while not true to the event itself, can be quite true to life. Also, check out that last part about why Elvis even wanted the badge. Nice, eh? Very practical.


    But there's more. Here's the article about a guy called Egil 'Bud' Krogh, who worked on this thing from other side - he was part of Nixon's staff at the time. So, if you want to get a more point-by-point account of the events, this is the article you wanna read.

    All in all - if not for this movie, I would never knew about the event. Goddamn incredible, really.