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  1. Outfit of the Day

    #1052682016-07-20 21:30:07Domo said:


    Outfit of the day!

    What are you wearing today? What would you like to wear? Whats something you have in your wardrobe that you'd like to share? Show us!

  2. #1053722016-07-23 23:55:06CQKumber said:

    @chalice why thank you very much, i wholeheartedly agree

    also, if you click the date above a post, like where it says "2016-07-blah blah, it'll take you to where you can reply directly to a person's post, like i just did

    keeps shizz looking clean and whatnot

  3. #1062122016-08-17 00:58:38 *masculyn said:

    I went out job hunting today.

    Forever 21 black slip

    Forever 21 jogging pants

    Thrifted chiffon blouse

    All makeup products are Chanel

  4. #1062752016-08-19 02:04:26chalice said:

    I went to the mall and got some things.

    (Old) Workout leggings: Target

    Knit Knee High Socks: Forever 21

    Flowy Grey shirt: Forever 21

    Green Jacket: Forever 21

  5. #1064232016-08-24 18:31:49 *Rebel said:

    That camera is clean... could take a picture of dog shit and it would look majestic asf (btw nice hair)