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Outfit of the Day

  1. #1088242017-01-18 21:18:05 *masculyn said: can you tell by my outfit that i'm gay because if you can't then i need to try harder.

    CLARKS shoes

    EXPRESS blouse & trousers

    BLOOMINGDALES lace bra

    YVES SAINT LAURENT lipstick, color: 206 Grenat Satisfaction

  2. #1088532017-01-21 09:15:37--Jack-- said:

    Got two of these on sale for $35 usd a piece (a bit longer than the photo though). Brown and black. Headless man not included.

  3. #1088832017-01-22 03:39:05masculyn said:

    I know these are the lowest quality pics I've ever produced but i dont hear anyone complaining.

    TOPMAN shirt & turtleneck

    ZANA BAYNE leather harness

    CALVIN KLEIN wrist watch