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  1. Programming with Neko-Chan: Index

    #1054362016-07-25 20:39:46 *Neko-Chan said:

    Welcome to programming with Neko-Chan

    Due to popular request I am making a series of threads that show the basics of programming and cover a few basic projects. I'll cover a wide variety of topics from theory to binary. The goal is that after reading a thread on a topic one will have enough knowledge to know start a project.


    For each topic or project I will post a thread using the programming with neko tag. I will also link the lesson within the index (this thread). I'll list documentation, books, and other references at the end of each topic respective to the topic. Questions and comments should be posted within the respective thread topic, not the index (this thread). Please reserve the comment space here for questions regarding the whole series as well as requests for additional topics.

    There is no scheduled release dates.

    Oh yea that cat dude... Who is he again?

    I go by many aliases online. My CL bio is short for a reason. Simply call me Neko if you see me around. I joined the CL a long time ago and have been an active member of the community off and on. I am currently a college student getting a bachelors in Computer Science. I speak and write Japanese at a conversational proficiency. In addition to my major I am minoring in Japan Studies and Mathematics. I am also blessed with a dark dry sarcastic humor. Sorry not sorry.


    Threads are threads, not a blanket. It is likely I will not be able to fit all encompassing lessons into them. A lot of learning is going to require time on the internet reading other tutorials and documentation. I am only trying to get people started.

    I am still a student. I am currently getting a bachelors degree in Computer Science and I am still learning many things. I have been programming for 10 years however. I may not follow all best practices.

    Things change... fast. Computer Science is one of the most largest growing fields and is one of the most permeable fields. The projects and advice I give may change in a few years. When doing your own research, check when it was published. Information from 3 years ago may be useless.

    I am not an English major. I'll try my best to write properly. If you are confused was to what I mean or would like to point out a grammatical mistake, PM me rather than reply on the lesson thread.

    Wheaton's Law applies. I reserve my right to not associate myself with people who break it.

    Programming sucks. I am not responsible for any insanity, sleepless nights, or changed interests due to reading these threads.


    If it hasn't been linked it isn't out yet

    People who wanted to be mentioned when this was up

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  2. #1054392016-07-25 20:49:44Kirn said:

    Hmm... I wonder how useful this will be, since people here who know coding stuffs already know them coding stuffs, and the rest of them probably won't be interested anyways (also, they can't read). Still, this may be useful topic, certainly not without benefit, so good luck on this. Maybe you can even get this thread into our index, if you will get enough thematic threads going.

    Also, I think you should fit design patterns there somewhere, too. It's useful shit, that works for a whole lot of languages, and which gets neglected by too many bastards out there.

  3. #1108892017-05-30 08:13:16Neko-Chan said:


    It's summer again and while still extraordinarily busy, I will make an effort to push the next few threads of the series. So keep an eye out for the next installment (literally).

    Note: I have edited upcoming course so we actually do more programming and less ranting.


  4. #1120082017-09-18 11:13:34 *EvoRulz said:

    I've been teaching myself C lately @Neko-Chan, i'm right at the beginning~

    at the moment i'm simply using the 'For Dummies' book which suggests i use Code::Blocks as an IDE. I was also planning to pick up a copy of K&R at the library, and I've been watching some youtube tutorials as well. I plan to later move on to other C based languages such as C# ^_^

  5. #1120112017-09-18 17:14:22Neko-Chan said:

    @EvoRulz yea currently I'm trying to teach myself c++.

    School takes up a serious amount of time. Hopefully I'll get to recording the next few planned installments.